Wear Sneaker Wedges Efficiently


You do not have to run out and buy an outfit just to wear this new trend. Everything in your closet can be paired with them starting with jeans. Whether they are skinny, straight leg, flare or boot cut-which will make your foot look smaller- jeans are a staple that can go with any trend. For a more contemporary look, pair sneaker wedges with your favorite pair of colored skinny jeans, embellished top or chunky knit sweater and leather jacket. For a weekend relaxed look, one may go with dark denim boot cut jeans, t-shirt layered with a button down and/or favorite sweater.


Women have been wearing sneakers to work for decades. They are the equivalent of wearing flip-flops with dress pants. The extra incentive with wedges are it gives you enough height to not let your dress pants touch the ground. Depending on your place of employment’s dress code – dress pants, a crisp white button down and blazer does not look bad paired with black sneaker wedges. If you forget to change into your

Benefits of Handmade Shoes

The first point to be noticed is that ready made shoes are made with the help of machines and all of them are made in a common standard. You can avail only those sizes and shapes that are manufactured by the company. But in the case of handmade ones, you are having the choice to make a shoe which is tailored especially to the shape of your legs. This is highly beneficial in the case of people with some medical conditions. Not choosing to wear the right size can also adversely affect your health.

The main reason for the high price of handmade shoes is that they are of high quality. The machine made shoes are mass produced and the chances for errors to creep in are high. It is difficult to check all the aspects of the shoe in a factory setting. Some branded shoe manufacturers do that, and for the same reason their products cost higher than most other footwear. The footwear which is handmade is of high quality because the laborer takes

Stay Stylish and Warm for Autumn

Typical autumn colours are making a welcome return for both men and women this year. Dark reds, rusty oranges and block colours of black and navy are all over the catwalk right now. The use of block colour is great, because it provides a blank canvas to which you can begin to introduce different combinations of accessories. This is where you can really start to get creative. Team together a hat, scarf and pair of gloves in a matching colour, (a rich deep red works particularly well with a block navy blue outfit) and then try contrasting different textures to create a multi-dimensional look.

Casual and cosy oversized knits are proving to be just as popular this year as last, and they’re likely to stay on trend right through to winter. Knits are particularly versatile and are a great way to stay both warm and stylish when it’s cold outside. They look great when teamed with a pair of black leggings, but if you really want to make a statement, try styling with a pair of cable-knit tights. Grey is

Classic Bomber Jackets

Following the war, a number of subcultures developed that took the bomber jacket under their wing, and the garment itself would see some fundamental shifts, so that modern-day jackets are almost indistinguishable to those originally worn by bomber crew. The first people to adopt the bomber jacket were the bikers and it made perfect sense, of course – they too were exposed to the elements as they rode their bikes, and with wind chill factors thrown in, there was a compelling need to keep body temperatures comfortable as well as providing protection in case of a spill. Tarmac and leather coming together have a useful feature of keeping abrasion wounds to a minimum. Although air forces kept on flying after the war, there was a big surplus of military clothing which could be acquired relatively cheaply, and hence the bomber jacket found a new market.

The original thick soft wool collar lining was great at keeping pilots warm but was a little too bulky for general day wear even though it was a key element of the look, hence the bomber underwent its first of many transformations, dropping the bulky collar lining and now resembling a traditional

Style With Bow Earrings

Ear piecing is one of the oldest forms of body modification and have taken on many meanings and forms. The two styles of earrings investigated in this article are stud earrings and dangle earrings. Studs earrings give the appearance of floating on the earlobe constructed with a post to penetrate through the ear. Dangle earrings are designed to hang from the bottom of the earlobes and are available of different lengths.

Walk into your favorite retailer, and you will be sure to find some sort of design that resembles a bow. Whether it’s integrated into a blouse, a purse or into jewelry, bows are an innate symbol of femininity. Creating balance when selecting bow earrings is essential to creating an attractive visual result. Hearts, bows, and butterflies are object elements easily integrated into jewelry to provide this symmetrical balance to create this attractive feminine appeal.

First, the dainty and modest appeal of bow earring studs has exploded with a plethora of styles, mediums and weights. From diamonds, pearls, base metals to artistic openwork designs, earring studs come in a continuum of ways for the most discerning consumer. Perfect to pair with an office suit, maxi dress

Canvas Messenger Bag

Messenger type gives these bags their starting characteristics, which are size, shape and working mechanism. Their popularity in schools comes from the fact that rectangular shape of books and notebooks is matched by the shape of the bag, allowing for maximum ease of storing and retrieving.

The one of the greatest aspects of canvas messenger bags is the ability to be customized. These items find their place among the younger crowd, the one that needs customization the most. You will almost never see two identical ones carried by different people. That just goes to show how fun they are to work on. I had a green, army looking canvas messenger bag when i went to school which was, by the end of it, completely covered in signatures. End result looked really cool, i had all my friends do their signatures on it and everyone had different ones. That bag became one of my favorite items and i am never going to throw it away, no matter what my wife says.

You can do literally anything with these messenger bags and make it look cool. Also, you may get to love canvas as a material. It is

Stormtech Jackets

My sisters and I each had our own Stormtech jackets; we had been given them for Christmas the year before. These jackets had two-way zippers that closed tightly, holding in all the heat. They had adjustable waistlines, detachable hoods and large pockets that were really convenient. Not to mention the most important fact: they were warmer than other winter jackets because they were filled with down and feather materials. The girl’s jackets even had detachable artificial fur that went around the necklines and was attached by a zipper. They were the prefect jackets for anywhere you went in the snow, rain, sleet or any other seasonal weather conditions, including extreme wind and cold. These were the ultimate clothes for the winter season and I never forgot them, even as I got older.

Back then they were harder to find, being a Canadian company. Lucky for us that¬†Stormtech jackets¬†are now readily available in the USA. After comparing prices, I ordered my new jackets online. Now that I’m an adult, Stormtech has become the only brand I wear, and the brand that I trust to keep my family warm.

Stormtech jackets are available online in a wide assortment

Finest Pairs of Reebok Shoes

  • Reebok Zig-Activate – they have modern looks, superb sole design, better re-bounce, ultra-cushioning, and precise flexibility. Nice pair of men’s running shoes from Reebok with lightweight material and daringly blue looks.
  • Run-Tone Direct+ – these Reebok shoes are another pair of great running footwear, with Moving Air Technology, Ultralite foam sole, extra durability and flex. Reebok Run-Tone Direct+ is available in orange and blue colours.
  • Zig-Encore – these shoes were designed under the supervision of John Wall himself. Reebok Zig-Encore has better stability, stylish high collar, and added rubber on out-sole.
  • Easy-Tone+ Vive – this series is made for the perfect stride. It’s high-grade mesh, superior breathability, light weight, and smooth fit make them finest pair of Reebok shoes for women. Reebok Easy-Tone+ Vive is available in purple, pink, and black colours.
  • Real-Flex Transition – bright blue and super flexible, these Reebok training shoes are lightweight and allow natural movement of feet. The sheer strength of shoe materials helps you hit a nice workout.
  • Real-Flex Optimal – Here is the pair for kids. Real-Flex Optimal are the perfect Reebok sports shoes for kids. Available in white and black variations, they offer lightweight sole

People Choose Swat Boots

The swat boots are not only available in the regular stores but also in most of the online footwear stores. These shoes are regarded as the best combat shoes available due to the fact that they are superior in style, comfort, design and looks. It is very rare to find a combination of quality and style, but these shoes offer that combination. If you are an individual looking for the right footwear that will provide ultimate protection to your feet in all kinds of conditions, then you should certainly choose original swat boots. They can be very handy while going on an adventurous vacation.

When you go on such a vacation, you tend to indulge in activities that involve being out in the open for hours. In such situations, these boots can help you feet stay protected from the heat, dust, humidity and other conditions that you can be exposed to. Besides, such shoes are made of the best quality material which makes them highly durable. They will last long in spite of all the wear and tear that they have to go through over the years. When you purchase any combat footwear, you spend a lot

Perfect Weekend Shirt

It is called the weekender offender shirt. This is a fantastic alternative and is ideal for relaxing when going for a stroll in the park, out to lunch at a pub or small restaurant, watching the tennis or cricket or even boating on the river. It is a splendid choice for relaxing in the garden and enjoying the company of friends.

Of course, you don’t have to travel far and wide to find weekend offender shirts. Go online and simply find an independent retailer. Look for one that has traded for several years and been in an expanding business for about 20 years. They will know what they are talking about and be able to advise best on style and colour.

Taste in men’s clothing has changed considerably over the years and sometimes this has been as much due to development and expansions of cities and towns as for fashion reasons. However, that is not to say that fashion shifts, changes and updates too and retailers have to cope with the challenges of demand. Fashion never stands still. This is another reason why weekend offender shirts are so much in demand, keeping pace with the demand


In the west, this famous motif came to known as ‘paisley’, based on the name of the town in Scotland where many of the looms were located during the industrialization of the shawl industry in Europe. Ever since, the paisley motifs can be seen now in prints, embroidery on fabrics or anywhere as an expression to represent perennial beauty.

The form as known today, originated in the Mughal period and was not seen before the 17th century. Now the motif itself has gathered a lot of vividness about it; it can seen as a sapling, leaves and flowers in various stages from initial buds to full bloom. Flowering plants, swirling vines, spiraling leaf arabesques are rendered in a natural, graceful style, that attempts to create a garden that is worn. The gentle hooked paisley makes it look like it is swaying in one direction because of the breeze!

Though the name ‘paisley’ has its roots in the west, the motif itself has connotations of eastern beauty and culture. The most common usage of this is to be found in hand embroideries on woolen, more so on cashmere or pashmina shawls and stoles. The pashmina shawls being

Winter Wardrobe on a Budget

Having a budget for a new collection of winter looks can actually be very useful to any budding fashionista and stylist, as it helps them make decisions about which pieces to buy. However, one thing that many people don’t consider is that wearing last year’s winter colours, styles and fashions, isn’t a faux pas, especially if you don’t have a lot of money to spend. Reusing or even customising old pieces to bring them up to date will cost very little, and could even save you a lot of money. So, look at your winter coat, is there anyway that you can customise it to make it look different? You could change the buttons, add a new belt to it, or even add little accessories, such as badges and brooches to give it more of an edge.

Similarly, if you have items of clothing that need mending – don’t throw them away, they can easily be salvaged and fixed for a low price. So, for example, if the zip on your beloved winter jacket is broken, take it to a professional that can fix it. Replacing the zip costs considerably less than buying a new jacket, and

Michael Toschi Shoes

There are several pillars at Michael Toschi and they are represented in the symbolism of their logo; silent strength, family values, the age of information and knowledge. Toschi shoes exemplify these pillars, marrying the classic strength of Italian shoemaking, with a family owned production process, and groundbreaking technological features that are unrivaled in the industry. The result is what owner Michael Toschi calls ‘performance luxury’. It’s luxurious footwear that gets the job done day in and day out for whatever function you need your footwear to serve.

The hallmark of the Michael Toschi collection are two proprietary technological features; Carbonlite Ionet Suspension (CIS) and the Natural Ergonomic Standing Platform (NEST) system. The CIS suspension system showcases an insole that provides a very secure and stable platform, while the outsole has four featured response zones that respond to your natural walking movement. The NEST comfort system provides increased stability and comfort for long wear. Every Toschi shoe features one of these two specially designed systems. So you know when you wear a Toschi you are taking care of your feet, your back, your legs, your life.

Another undeniable component of the Michael Toschi brand is the forward