Month: June 2019

Woman Loves Heels

For simplicity I shall consider four general categories of people who I consider to be the most opinionated on the subject and who contribute most to the debate. I have intentionally left out the medical profession.

  • Women who love heels. Most women have an interest in shoes but it is well documented that for some women high heel shoes are an obsession. Many theories have been put forward to explain this behavior. From personal experience I can say that women who have a passion for heels simply love wearing, owning and collecting heels and do so with a joy that adds an extra dimension to their lives.
  • Women who detest heels. These women are as passionate in their belief as their heel loving sisters. In general they find heels degrading to their sex and consider wearing them as an unnecessary, uncomfortable and painful betrayal of their gender. It must be mentioned that neither of the above groups are likely to have their opinions changed, each believing the other to be mislead.
  • Men who love heels. Many men are attracted to heels. Usually this is a sexual preference or an unconscious reaction. This attraction is considered normal by both men and women but as it is sexual in nature it can in some men lead to an obsession that may develop into a fetish.
  • Lastly men who cannot understand why women attach so much importance to shoes of any type and are shocked at the amount of shoes a women owns and how much she will spend on a pair of quality heels.This group does not tend to contribute anything worthy of debate.

The fact that an item of clothing could arouse such extreme emotions would normally seem absurd. In the case of high heel shoes I am not in the least surprised as heels have always held a special place in the heart of many women. There is no doubt that wearing heels is detrimental to your health and that an obsession of any type by definition is not normal behaviour but in the case of high heels there is an element of mystique and sexuality that is unique and unexplainable.

Outfit to Wear With Ash Shoes

Glam and grunge

Those that wish to create a glam-grunge style may wish to invest in a pair of ash leather uppers, trimmed with tonal buckles. Team with a pair of skinny jeans, a statement rock tee and a cutesy blazer. Slip on a pair of retro shades and you have that enviable ‘no-nonsense’ style nailed!

The smart designs certainly have a huge following; it’s not unusual to see a handful of the A-list sporting such a footwear option. The casual yet on-trend trainer also looks great with distressed denim shorts and an off the shoulder tee. The ash trainer is therefore a must for those that wish to invest in a must-have off-duty shoe.

The best outfit to wear with a pair of ash shoes is something a little low-key, something on-trend and maybe a little rock & roll. Think tomboy – but in a new light.

Quirky and preppy

Other styles in the range include gorgeous chunky wedges and preppy pumps. These cool and quirky styles add a definite edge to any outfit and as such, can be worn with the likes of skirts, shorts and skinny jeans. You could even team a pair of silk pumps with a long maxi skirt and a tucked-in tee for an effortlessly casual and somewhat bohemian look.

Both tennis skirts and boy-fit jeans work equally well with the pumps and allow you to create numerous styles from a few statement pieces of clothing.

Girly and Feminine

For those who want something a little more feminine, ash shoes are still a great option.

For a smart yet feminine look, team your shoes with cigarette-style trousers and a sheer blouse, perhaps one in a floral print. Finish the look with a smart-fit blazer and some retro shades if you want to inject some fun. Long beaded jewellery will complete the outfit if worn correctly.

Quality Leather Belts And Wallets

They carry the power to transform one’s look- make it and break it as well. They can downplay themselves by silently contributing to the look/ break the monotony of the attire or go blaring loud. So choose wisely.

  • Leather wallets are available in the form of checkbook wallets, bifold and trifold wallets, and it is Bifold (with slots for cash and plastic money) and trifold wallets that men usually go for. Containing additional slots for cards and identification cards, Trifold wallets are the ones that are smaller while Checkbook wallets are the bigger and more rectangular ones. Wallets which act as a coin purse can be useful, too.
  • The quality and craftsmanship is another thing that you simply cannot afford to give a miss. The leather belts or wallets that you choose have to be durable; it should stand the test of time and the rigours of daily life. And in case of a wallet, it really doesn’t matter whether it matches the outfit or not.
  • Another decisive thing has to be the type and thickness of the leather that is made use of. Full-grained leather is most commonly used for best quality belts and wallets for men. Instead of wearing out it develops a ‘patina’ over time and usage. Top-grain leather comes next and is of the second-highest quality when upper end leather products are concerned.
  • Thinking of the perfect gift? In fact, if you are planning to give something to your man or for that matter, your dad, brother, friend, teacher, boss or colleague, you have not many options that are as versatile and safe a bet as good quality/ branded leather belts or leather wallets (for men).

Buying the best quality leather belts & wallets online can be a wonderful idea if you wish to choose from a plethora of options from the comfort of your home. You may take your pick from ordinary or rigorously tested branded belts for men, sterling belts and leather wallets for men (as well women). You can even choose the colour options, belts’ size and width, its texture and pattern. Besides, wallets also come with options like visiting card holders, coin pass cases, organisers, travel wallets, zip rounds, and passport/cheque/document/ticket compartments, to name a few. And always buying reputable brand is a wiser idea than trying to waste your money on the cheaper alternatives. So cherish the joys that the hassle-free online shopping experience can bring to you and discover a world of excitement.

Clothing Tricks for Tall and Thin Men

Styling options for tall and thin

One should always keep in mind the basic element of styling options for tall and thin men that the clothes should add mass and subtract height. This means that concerned men should look for lots of horizontal elements in layered clothing, dress shirts, jacket pockets, trouser cuffs, vests and broad belts. In casual dressing, they can opt for asymmetrical patterns or graphics that would grab eye at mid body height. For formal and business dress outfits, they can incorporate broad check patterns in suits. While wearing tall men’s dress shirts for office ware, they should keep the stripes wider, with spread collars.

Dress Shirts and Ties for tall and thin

Remember that dressing sharp makes the man look perfect. Always opt for clothing items that really fits on the body and give you a superior look. Dress shirts are the main thing that makes a difference in man’s personality. Wearing a loose fitted shirt with slim stripes gives a tall man more taller look. Remember the rule to add mass and subtract height.

  • Collar. Starting from the collar of custom mens dress shirts, most of the tall and thin men have long and slim face. Wearing narrow point, button down, tab collar or any narrow shaped collar will make the face look further elongated that will add the height rather than subtracting. For slim faces, always opt for wide spread, cut away, varsity spread and medium spread collar that will make face looks fuller and wider. The collar of dress shirt always plays an important part in the look of man as collar lies right beneath the face and most of the eyes are attracted towards it. A rightly styled collar gives the man the desired look and personality.
  • Fitting. The dress shirts should be long enough to stay tucked in the pants while its sides do not creep out of the waistband as the wearer moves. Besides, the fitting of a dress shirt should also be accurate and it should not make balloons around the waistband. Only mens custom dress shirts makers can provide a perfect shirt that fits on the body of tall and thin men. These makers stitch the dress shirts from scratch and thus provide custom dress shirts for any type of body size and shape.
  • Tie. To gain the perfect look, you have to keep a keen eye on every single detail and use it wisely. Tie should always hangs all the way to your belt buckle, any thing shorter will make weird looking gap. If you are skinny, then using a broader tie with full Windsor knot will add more strength and definition to neck and chin area. Using patterns with horizontal elements like slanted diagonals, wide diamonds and wide stripes will further add the mass on you that would automatically subtracts height.

Pants for tall

While looking for a dress pant, there are some important attributes that will help you get the desired results. Always look for the space between thighs, waistband and crotch seam. The fitting of all three attributes should be perfect with enough space to move around, the space should be average. If the fabric is heavy enough and will not swish around then losing the lower leg area will add thickness to lower body. Also, avoid pleats if you are a skinny man, as it will do you no good. Using trouser cuffs is also a good idea. Try to keep trouser cuffs wider as it will make the trousers look proportional to your height. Use of wider belts and buckles for tall and skinny men also help a lot.

Suede Chukka Boots

  • SeaVees 12/67 Eye Chukka– This brand is known for its California style casual products. It looks very nice especially with the combination of its materials and design. You can go for the leather or the suede and the first one is well-complimented with its rawhide leather laces.

It is actually unlined and deconstructed for a relaxed experience. However, it is still very comfortable thanks to its cushioned foot-bed. The famous SeaVulc Natural Rubber also adds to its cushioning and flexibility without compromising the quality of traction. What makes this pair stand out is its welt stitching which is very attractive because of its waxed thread.

  • Stacy Adams Sandstorm Boot – Known for its refined urban fashion sense, the company is one of today’s best when it comes to men’s clothing. And this suede chukka boot will give you that instant classic look with a hint of modern style. It features contrast stitching and the brand logo on the heel area. It comes in gray, sand, brown and black suede. And even with its quality construction, you will be amazed on its very low price, considering those from other brands.
  • Robert Wayne Blake – Although this is one of the latest to come out this year, it has already gained a lot of positive reviews from actual customers. And most of them are very happy on how comfortable and light this men’s chukka boot is.

It has very soft suede upper with amazing contrasting stitch detail. It has the chukka design with its simplistic features such as the plain toe, minimalist lacing, and flat collar. The out-sole is made from rubber which is also textured to provide traction and balance.

Jersey With Vinyl Lettering

Personalize the Jersey

Add your name to your jersey’s back so that you can personalize it. You can do this by applying high-quality vinyl letters by using a heat press. However, it is important to know that you need to be cautious in the process of jersey lettering as doing it with an ordinary iron can ruin your jersey. Therefore, prefer to personalize your jersey by taking help from a professional.

Add Number

Once you have named your jersey, the next step is to buy your favorite number from a well known vinyl lettering company. If you want to customize a number of college jerseys for your friends as well, then purchase vinyl numbers in higher quantities. These vinyl numbers should be four-inch long. You can apply these numbers on the jerseys with heat press.

Apply Patch on the Jersey

Choose the logo of your favorite football team and purchase a patch with that logo designed on it. Now, sew the patch on the shoulder of your jersey. You can also sew the patch on the front right of the jersey. When you will choose custom vinyl lettering for all your friends, logo will give them the look of real sportspeople.

Customize the Logo

Sports jersey looks incomplete without an embroidered logo. So, giving some of your time to the logo is also important. If you want your jersey to look unique, then go for embroidered logos while personalizing your jersey. You have different options to get embroidered logos for your jersey. For instance, you can either do it yourself or visit an embroidery shop where you can choose a lot of ways to letter your jersey.

Finding Wellington Boots

The history of wellingtons is long and dates back to the 17th century. There are a lot of modification that has been done to both the design as well as the colors and materials used. The only standard color that has remained widely used is green owing to its popularity with many people.

Green wellingtons are a very popular name that is widely used by the many people who know about the boots. It is a preference for many people. Though color was not highly considered during the initial creation of wellington boots, the present day people are very specific about what they want and may therefore give their own tastes and preferences pertaining to the kind of boot they want.

In the present day, wellington boots are readily available in many shades, styles as well as patterns. These are designed so as to enable you the consumer to find an exact match of what you require. A kind of green Wellington boot is the Lowther boot. It can be referred to as a no fuss or basic boot. The design is specific for the field. It is good for gardening and even doing field work that is very manual. There are styles that are funkier. One type of a funky green wellington boot is Doggie Paw Print. The funky stoles are great as they are trendy and can be matched with an outfit.

The greatest chances are that you will be able to find a green wellington boot that can fit your particular need as well as be able to meet your criteria. There is such a wide variety of green wellington boots in stores today that one can be sure to find more than one Wellington boot that will interest you. There are also other designs with different imprints on them. Some even come with gussets that are expandable into which trousers can be tucked.

Edwardian Fashion

The grand extravagance came to an end at the beginning of World War One and the issue of the poor became a hot topic throughout European, intellectual circles. Because of the war effort and the highlight on those suffering in society, many elites chose not to flaunt such grand fashions in public and hence the grand fashions of old suddenly became unacceptable. From the 1920s onward, dress and fashion had become more subdued and tame. The 1920s also witnessed the women’s movement for voting rights and more women were entering the workforce; therefore, the demand for practical and simplistic fashion grew popular because many women saw the fashions of their mothers and grandmothers as a repressive tool that was not practical for women and were tailored according to men’s desires. A good example is the corset which was meant to exude the popular hourglass figure, a mostly male standard.

Grand fashion created a dream-life that many middle class women of the Victorian and Edwardian era had hoped to achieve. In today’s society, it is easy for people in a post-modern world to sit back and gaze in awe of Edwardian fashion and there is nothing wrong with being attracted to such beauty. In a wider context, however, women who sported such royal fashions were very lucky given how tough life was for not only women of poorer classes, but people of different ethnicity around the world.

Selecting Leather Jackets For Men

Another reason behind the increasing popularity of these jackets is that they are comfortable, very appealing and are considered to be a stylish addition to any masculine wardrobe. However, in order to rock the look, you need to know how to make a perfect selection and how to buy the best and the most desired jacket. After all, there are numerous cuts which can make the selection of the right jacket very difficult. Yet, shop according to your personal style, fashion trend and body shape for the best results.

Besides the aforementioned factors, there are a few other things you should keep in mind while purchasing a leather jacket for yourself. Examples of such factors include the selection of a flattering cut; picking of the right color; looking for quality fabric; keeping your wardrobe in mind; and above all making sure that the jacket you select adheres to your comfort level.

Some of the most popular styles available in the markets today include distressed jackets, motocross jackets and men’s bomber jackets. Each of these styles has different fits depending on the body shape of the individual. Leather jackets of black color are suitable for dressing up for business meetings while brown jackets give a more casual look and vintage feel. They are usually made from cowhide or lambskin leather.

Cowhide leather is more durable than lambskin, but lambskin leather is glossier and softer. Men who prefer to have a rough and rugged appearance should consider purchasing cowhide leather. In addition, the right selection will be confirmed by keeping in mind your wardrobe since buying a leather jacket is an investment and it should complement the clothes in your wardrobe.

Comfort should be given the first priority when an individual wants to buy clothes. Therefore, it is necessary to look for comfort while purchasing a leather jacket. Men with broad shoulders should look for a cut which has sufficient area for the chest.

There are numerous manufacturers of leather jackets that are producing fine quality products of genuine leather. Fashion trends are changing often and there is a lot of competition for a person to stay in style. It is also recommended that an individual should try on every suitable jacket before making a final decision and investing at least more than two hundred dollars on it.

Delightful Padders Shoes

Men’s choices

Men would love the casual styles of Padders which allow the wearers to be comfortable and themselves for some informal occasion such as strolls, gardening, workouts, shopping or holidaying.

Padders offer men the casual galaxy model in black croc leather which is stylish and trendy. There is also the casual Padders sprite black or brown leather walking shoes that are comfortable and simple. Padders also have comfortable navy leather shoes which can keep the feet comfortable and dry over prolonged usage. The shoe laces add a manly touch to the total look with the durable leather material that protects the feet.

Ladies’ choices

Padders offer ladies a wide selection of footwear choices to fit any occasion. The Padders wedge shoes come in suede material of various designs and colors so any lady would want to keep at least a pair in their wardrobe. A little wedge gives the lady a little height to stand taller and elegant. This pair of Padders can be worn with jeans and tucked in shirt or blouse to look casual smart.

Padders casual sprite shoes for the ladies come in the favorite colors of cherry red, mushroom leather and silky black. The strap makes a great fashion statement addition on this Padders model. It has a super wide fitting bar with a removable sole for additional room.

Children’s choices

Padders shoes for children come in stylish designs with comfort in mind for the youngsters. There are wide straps to keep the little feet securely in as well as allow the young wearers to put on the shoes easily. The wide straps encourage the young wearer to handle the strapping and un-strapping personally.