Month: July 2019

Mink Coat Care

Professional Storage

One of the most effective things you can do to maintain your coat’s supple shape and brilliant luster is to store it in a climate-controlled professional fur storage facility. Many furriers offer storage options for a small fee. While you may be tempted to save a little money and store your fur at home, this is usually a bad idea that will actually cost you more money in the long run when you are required to replace your fur coat after only a year or two of wear.

Most people do not have temperature and humidity controlled closets where furs can be stored and protected from moths, mildew, and other pests. The ideal environment for fur storage is a maintained fifty degrees Fahrenheit, 50% humidity, and adequate air circulation. If one of these conditions is not met, moisture can get trapped in the fur fibers, causing irreparable damage due to mold and mildew, usually typified by the unpleasant smell of decay. To prevent such a scenario, put your fur in storage as soon as it becomes too warm to wear it, and only take it out once it is cold enough to necessitate fur insulation.

Storing at Home During Season

During season, when your coat is not in storage but at home, you can take the same measures a furrier would take to protect it from pests. Give the coat plenty of space in your closet to allow adequate air circulation, and never use a plastic garment bag as this can actually trap moisture in the fibers of your fur. Use cedar balls to prevent moth infestations in your closets, and use a thick wooden or plastic coat hanger rather than a wire one. Otherwise, the coat could become deformed at the shoulders.


If your coat gets dirty, the best way to clean it is to vigorously shake out any debris or brush the fibers with a specialized fur brush, available where coats are sold. The liner can be spot-treated for stains. Should the garment ever get wet, simply make sure that it dries adequately in an area with plenty of air circulation. Additionally, you should have your coat cleaned professionally with a chemical solution at least once a year to replenish the fur’s natural oils and ensure that your coat will maintain its beautiful color and shine for many years to come.

Care During Wear

While wearing your coat, refrain from using heavy bags with shoulder straps as these can wear out the fibers of the fur. Avoid sitting on your coat for long periods of time as this can crush the material and make it look matted or wrinkled. A beautiful fur coat in mink, sable or fox can be passed on to children or grandchildren, if properly maintained. By following these simple tips, you are guaranteed to make your coat last for generations.

Sperry Shoes

The boat shoes made by Sperry from before and up until recently are the highest quality you could find in stores. They are unique and distinctive not just because of their quality, but mainly because of the authentic original topsider connotation attached to every pair of shoes.

This fact is supported by the kind of status symbol attached to the person wearing them. If a certain brand has an official tie and attachment to the United States Naval Academy, it’s no secret that the same brand is at the top of the tops and is the cream of the crop.

The founder, Paul Sperry, never thought of producing or designing something that would eventually become a global icon in fashion. For him, it was simply about conceptualizing something that would help him get the right stability and safety when on a deck.

The idea of making a pair of perfect boat shoes was of course born out of the instinct and love of being a yachtsman. At that particular moment where he observed his pet spaniel’s paws had the amazing ability to stabilize the balance of the dog on slippery ice, he took it as an inspiration for his prototype boat shoes.

Today, Sperry shoes are more than just a tradition. They have become more like a certain way of life. In the classic American fashion sense, they are always there. In the modern sense of style meanwhile, they are still there, and that is without a doubt what an icon should be.

We’re actually not just talking about a pretty decent pair of boat shoes, since the name now covers practically all casual footwear needs and the best examples of the product line are listed below together with their brief details:

Sperry Bluefish Boat Shoe for Women

The Topsider Bluefish from Sperry are one of those casual pairs that you will certainly feel like wearing even in during summer. For this boat shoe, the nautical inspiration and style is always best complimented with warm weather. The pair offers a contrast stitching and mesh panel for added comfort and breathability.

Meanwhile, the rubber-made out sole provides that much-needed traction and durability for any surface, such as boats and around pools. The leather upper is quite flexible but at the same time you are always able to extend and improve your sense of style with various casual outfits and clothing combinations.

Types of Mens Wedding Suits

  • Italian Suits: One of the most popular and stylish variety of mens suit includes the Italian suit. This suit is quite versatile and appears elegant on all body types. The waist tapers are made smaller than the shoulders which appear wider, so the entire suit gets a triangular effect. This is one of the most appealing suits which can be worn for any occasion.
  • Single Breasted Suits: Another popular variety of suit includes the single breasted. It can be worn for all occasions including job interviews and parties. However, it is ideal for men who possess an athletic body type.
  • Double Breasted Suits: Wedding attire also includes double breasted suit which appears elegant on tall and thin physique.
  • Contemporary Suit: People with short stature can choose to opt for contemporary suits which are quite classic and elegant. It is designed for people with less physique and athletic features. It is an elegant mens suits which draws attention to the face. Although it is a classic wear, it is quite comfortable.
  • British Suit: This classic attire is specifically designed for men with heavy built. It includes a single row of button down in the front. This gives a taller and thinner appearance to the wearer.

It is quite important to remember that every man possesses different body types and physical features. Therefore it is important to choose attire according to individual body shape and features. Men’s suits are available in different cuts and designs to suit different types of people. Single breasted suits are suitable for athletic body type whereas double breasted are suitable for lean body type.

Wedding suits are available in a huge variety of colors too. Colors also exude a deep impact on the personality of the wearer. So it is necessary to choose appropriate colors that blend well with the complexion of the wearer. Black, charcoal and navy suits appear chic and elegant on people with fair complexion, although black colored attires exude sophistication and opulence. Men with dark complexion can choose light shades which can enhance their total appearance.

The quality of the fabric is another factor to consider before choosing men’s suits. Choose fabrics which are wrinkle-free so as to appear formal and smart. Suits can be tailor made to enhance the body features of the wearer.

Light fabrics and colors are appropriate for summer weddings. But for winter wedding functions, it is necessary to choose dark colors and fabrics to appear formal and sophisticated.

Shop Online For Women’s Shoes

When you shop for shoes online, the primary thing you will discover is that you are able to find much better deals than you could find in the stores you typically visit – and the reason for this is the simple fact that websites do not have nearly the same overhead a brick and mortar store tends to have; these savings are passed onto you – which enables you to purchase more shoes for the same amount of money!

And the next thing you are likely to realize when you shop for shoes online is that you will have a far broader selection from which to choose; again, this is because websites do not deal with nearly the restrictions brick and mortar stores deal with – where they are only able to keep a certain number of pairs in stock due to space constraints – and this means that you will be able to look at a wide variety of shoes, in a wide variety of colors and styles, without having to run from store to store at all. Certainly, this is – by far – the premier way to find the shoes you have been looking for!

No matter whether you are looking for new flats, new women’s sandals, new pumps, or new wedges – and no matter whether you are buying something that you can wear around the house, or are instead looking for something you will be able to slip on when you are going out on the town – you will be able to find exactly what you are looking for when you shop online for shoes!

Peplum Dress

Despite being seen on everyone from Kim Kardashian to Kim Middleton, the detail is still fresh and novel. The shapely cut means that it has a unique quality, able to add curves to a boyish figure, yet at the same time can flatter a more voluptuous frame to stunning effect. It can even be used to hide a baby bump! A small overskirt adds detail to tops, dresses and skirts that might otherwise be considered too basic or boring. This small detail adds an instant update to any wardrobe and will ensure you stay ahead of the style curve.

The look is also open to further modification for an outfit that will be even closer to your individual style and mark you as a trendsetter. Wearing a waist belt just above the peplum skirt, for example, accentuates the waist and highlights your figure. Pairing complementary yet somewhat clashing colours – such as Emma Stone’s Pink and Red Giambattista Valli dress which she wore to the Friends With Benefits film premiere – propels the look further into a fashion-forward, directional league, with the illusion of separates bringing a touch of business-like style to the ensemble.

Because the peplum is a key detail and yet is relatively neutral, it is simple to blend with other trends. For example, you can pair a cream peplum top with a statement pair of ankle-grazing trousers or pencil skirt – two more of the season’s wardrobe favourites. A flashback to the 80s without the nightmares of crimped hair and legwarmers, it’s a retro nod that avoids that fancy dress look. Even peplum dresses in neutral tones such as black, cream and nude are statement enough to look fashionable, without that fast-fashion feel that trendy prints might have. This means that you won’t be recycling them after just a couple of wears – and if you opt for pieces that have further details, such as embellished necklines, or striking sleeves, they will keep you looking interesting for even longer.

Making Your Clothes Last Longer

Quality Over Quantity

When you’re not as financially free as you used to be, it can be tempting to spend less money on single pieces of clothing. It’s true your money will go a longer way at cheap high street retailers but this often means sacrificing quality. Low quality clothing doesn’t wash well, and the seams come undone very easily. So instead of having to buy new pieces of clothing every couple of months, invest in a more expensive yet well-made garment that will last much longer. At the end of the day you’ll actually save yourself money.

Practical Vs Pretty

With fashion magazines and celebrities dictating today’s trends, it can be hard to remember that making practical choices is so much better in the long run than impulsive, trend-based ones.

For example, flimsy ballet pumps may look cute teamed with a dress but they won’t last long in a country prone to wet weather.

You need also consider your job, your hobbies and personal nature. Steer clear of white and pastels if you have a tendency to knock over cups of tea and glasses of wine! You get the drift.

Wash Less and Consider the Instructions

We’ve become accustomed to washing our clothing far too often. Contrary to what many people think, it’s perfectly acceptable to wear a shirt or dress more than once before washing, provided you haven’t stained it or perspired more than usual. Excessive washing wears out the fibres your garments are made of. It’s also very important to stick to the washing instructions as they are there for a reason. If a garment is meant to be hand washed, don’t be surprised if it gets worn out really quickly if you’ve been chucking it in the washing machine. And don’t even attempt washing items like men’s blazers, women’s ballgowns and coats at home. These are to be dry cleaned only.

Wear Jeans During the Winter

  • Colours
    One thing that’s great about jeans, and indeed, denim in general, is that it can easily be dyed lots of different colours to suit the seasons and also, the wearer. For example, this year coloured jeans have proven to be extremely popular amongst people of all ages, with reds, blues, purples, whites and even greens proving to be the most popular colours. While different colours are always popular in the winter, such as dark reds, browns, oranges and blues, coloured jeans are a great way to brighten up the otherwise dull winter palate and bring some much-needed colour into our wardrobes.
  • Styles
    It’s not just the colour of jeans that have evolved over the years, but also the style, as people can now choose all sorts of styles and fits of jeans to wear. Everything from straight leg, to boot cut, to bell bottoms, to flares, to skinny jeans, to ultra skinny jeans and even regular straight leg jeans are on offer to every consumer. Which style you choose obviously depends on your preferences, but in the winter styles such as mens and womens skinny jeans work very well with boots and wellies, and can also be very flattering.
  • Customise
    Another great thing about jeans is that they are very easy to customise and make your own. So, if you don’t want to buy another pair of coloured jeans you can easily dye an existing pair of yours the exact colour that you want them to be. You can also add other subtle differences, such as adding embroidered patches, buttons, badges and other materials to make them stand out. If you have a pair of ripped jeans, make the rip a feature by making it larger, or even adding other rips in the jeans to compliment it. Studs and spikes are also extremely popular additions to add to jeans an clothing this year, so why not be a bit more daring and for something a little more punky?

Autumn Winter Party Outfit


To avoid freezing, it’s important to keep yourself covered. This doesn’t mean, however, that you can’t get away with wearing a slinky dress. On the contrary, a slinky dress can look just as good when accompanied with a flirty shawl to wrap up in, or a shrug. To keep your lower half warm, make sure your dress is either floor-length, or short but worn with a pair of sleek tights in black or skin tone.

Autumn and winter tones should be subdued: black, dark blues, deep purple, dark reds and browns. These look great set against pale skin.

Accessorise with heavy jewellery and lots of sparkle.

Trouser and Top Combinations

If invited to a party where trousers will be considered appropriately formal attire, you’re not at any risk of getting cold.

Black trousers are best as they are so easy to combine with a top, and make for a classic classy look. Both fitted and wide leg styles can look gorgeous teamed with the right top, and high waistlines are a modern touch.

For the top half, choose a low cut top in a statement fabric such as silk or velvet in a dramatic colour such as emerald green for a nice contrast to the simple trousers. Sequined blouses look equally fabulous.

Still feeling a tad chilly? Throw on a fitted blazer to complete the look and ensure you stay warm.

If you can pull it off, where this look with red lipstick for added pzazz.


Making an impressive entrance is one of the most fun moments of attending a party. While in the summer this is easily done by showing off some leg or revealing a tanned decolletage, in the autumn and winter fashion season, this is made a little more difficult due to the necessity of having to wear a coat. Unfortunately, we’re not all in a position to arrive at a party in a toasty, chauffeur-driven car!

You’re sure to be noticed if you arrive wearing a fur or fake fur coat with a big collar, or a cape. These are among the most glamorous fabrics and are also sure to do the job of keeping you warm well.

Get The Stag T-Shirt

  • Designs – Whether you choose to go with simple graphics or a printed photograph of each person, you will want to make sure your t-shirt stands out from the rest of the crowd. Once you have chosen a base colour, for example white or black, you can decide what colour you want the writing to be and indeed what size and font you think will look best. Consulting professionals for advice will ensure you do a great job.
  • Collaboration – The one thing to be sure of is that you and all your crew are agreed on what colours and themes you are going to go for with your creations. For example it is no use finding out that one of your buddies can’t wear blue as it’s his unlucky colour after you’ve gone with the decision for blue t-shirts. Make sure you have a get together first to discuss your ideas, in any case it’s a good excuse to have a few pints together!
  • Price – Depending on how design rich your t-shirt is, you can get your garment for a very reasonable price. Some websites even offer a design your own top system, where, you can upload mug shots for example. This tends to be more expensive and so you will have to be prepared to part with more cash. Also take into account whether or not you will be paying for everyone’s t-shirt or if you will provide everyone with a link to pay for their own.
  • Time – If you are time poor, you can go to websites who look after all the design part for you and at the touch of a few buttons your t-shirts can be on their way to you. If you are lucky enough to have plenty of free time, you could even look into creating your own t-shirts by getting supplies from local art shops and textile crafts websites. Although most grooms to be prefer to leave all of this to the professionals.
  • Enjoy – Remember to have fun with your designs. It is a celebratory occasion and there is no reason why this cannot extend into your t-shirt creations. You can be as creative as you like and don’t forget to get ideas from other stag party goers. The street is the best place to look for inspirations that’s how a lot of fashion designers work these days!

Air Force Boots

These men and women have become a part of popular culture and have inspired generations to behave and even dress like them. This is why, the air force boots are preferred by many people in the world. These boots are not only preferred because they give the feel of being in the Air Force, but they are also preferred because of the fact that people find them very comfortable and flexible. The shoes manufactured for all the wings of the armed forces of a country are made from the best quality materials.

The air force boots last long, are very comfortable top wear and provide additional protection to people’s feet and ankles. These shoes can protect the feet and legs of the soldiers even after they spend a prolonged period of time out in the open, facing extreme heat, temperatures and humidity. When it comes to choosing a pair of combat shoes, you should be careful about what you purchase. As there are way too many options to choose from, you may get confused and buy a pair of boots that they not even fit you.

Even though you would prefer buying a stylish pair of shoes, never buy them just because they are stylish. You should also give a lot of importance to their quality. If the air force boots that you buy are not comfortable or are not of your size, then they will be of no use to you, even if they are stylish or trendy. Hence, always check to make sure that you are buying footwear of the right size before finalizing on any particular pair. If you are purchasing them from any regular store, then you can try them and figure out if they fit.

If you are someone who likes to purchase air force boots on the internet from any of the online shoe stores, then you should check all the images of the foot wear given in the catalogue and read their descriptions as well. Based on this information, you will be able to understand if the footwear that you want to buy will be the right choice for you. Most of the online stores offer replacement these days. Thus, it is important that you shop from only those stores that offer replacement in case the shoes are not of the right size or if they have any defects that could not have been detected online.