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Zelli Shoes

When it comes to the construction of a shoe there are many variations available. The first consideration is how it is actually built or stitched. We will cover two of the most popular stitch techniques, the Blake stitch and the welt.

The Blake stitch construction involves attaching the upper and insole of the shoe to the last without the use of a ‘welt’, and then gluing the sole on. The final step of the process is to create a single row stitch using a machine to attach the insole, upper, and sole. On Blake stitched shoes you will notice the soles are cut much tighter to the shoe itself because no stitching is required on the edge of the sole. Overall it makes for a lighter shoe versus one that is welted, but it is a shoe that is not nearly as durable or resistant to elements such as water.

Welted shoes are those that have a strip of leather, also known as the welt, which is stitched to the insole of the shoe and the upper. The fact that the insole and upper are stitched together and not glued allows for some very positive effects on the shoe. The first is that the leather retains its durability, the construction allows for good insulation and breathes, the shoe remains flexible, and the shape of the shoe is better retained. Shoes with a Goodyear welt, can be worn for many years as the soles on the shoes can be fairly easily replaced by stitching the new soles in place of the old. Welted shoes typically cost more than similar style Blake stitched shoes because of the additional process involved in the construction.

In addition to the manner in which a shoe is constructed, the actual leathers used in the production of a shoe are extremely important when it comes to choosing the right footwear. The range of leathers offered from designer shoe manufacturers is wide, and includes calfskin, deerskin, suede, exotic leathers such as crocodile and alligator, and cordovan leather. The more exotic or hard to find leathers are of course more expensive, but usually make for a more unique shoe that will allow the discerning man to stand out from the crowd.

Another important factor when choosing the perfect dress shoe is functionality. Shoes that are to be worn daily should be more comfortable, while shoes only worn on special occasions can sacrifice a little comfort for style. Typically dress shoes are produced with either a leather or rubber sole, and in some cases a combination leather and rubber sole. For a more refined and dressy look the leather sole is preferable. The right leather sole with a comfortable shoe insole can be worn all day at work or on the go, but this is not always an easy find. Typically, the more formal the shoe, the more likely it is to have a leather sole. A dress shoe with a rubber sole sacrifices the dressiness of the overall look, but can make up for it in spades with the extra comfort it provides. The right dress shoe with rubber sole can cause you to forget your even wearing shoes at all.

Wearing Plus Size And Still Rocking

If you are a plus size woman you don’t have to be harrowed anymore that they don’t make good plus size dresses. Visit any store or just browse online to any fashion clothing website and you will have a vast array of beautiful dresses to choose from. However there are still special colors, prints and cuts which will flatter you plus size better. The safest choice to choose from in terms of colors is black. Black is beautiful and helps camouflage the problem areas effectively. Black along with purple, green, red and similar dark shades are your best friends in terms of highlighting your curves and giving your body a good shape.

In terms of cut; the purpose should be to take away attention from your problem areas, which are usually thighs, arms, buttocks and waist. The best cut for plus size dresses is the empire cut, which draws attention to the bust area and the rest of the dress flows away from your body. If your arms are a problem area, opt for sleeves or a dressy cardigan that will show off well-shaped arms. Opt for a deep V-neck or a halter neck on as many outfits as possible as these cuts suit this size the best. If you like wearing skirts, opt for pencil skirts, which end just around your knees and in darker shades. Pair the skirt with a blouse or top that ends midway at your buttocks so you don’t draw attention on your butt but also show off your curves. If you are in to pant suits then go for the tapering kind at the bottom, avoid wide flare at the bottom however a boot cut is a good idea.

When it comes to prints; it’s usually best to stay away from flowers and other patterns on dresses, opt for vertical lines that will add to you height and draw attention away from the width of your body. Try to go for bolder color blocking prints on the fabric rather than soft colors. These will accentuate the part of the body you want to flaunt especially if you team the dress with a thin belt just above your waist.

Not to forget is be confident about yourself and love your curves. Show them off and flaunt your body. Confidence and your belief that you are sexy will take you a long way in being the sexy diva that you are. Pair your outfits with the right kind of shoes, preferably heels, as they would add inches to your length and make you look slimmer. Accessorize appropriately, avoid chunky jewelry and keep it simple. As long as you know what suits your body type and what to stay away from you will not go wrong with your outfit.

Grecian Fashion Style

The flowing, fluid lines of the dresses combined with the edgier, more barbarous elements of the trend such as the gladiator sandals make this look modern, wearable and captivating. Through out the years Grecian style dresses have sauntered their way onto the red carpets on the shoulders of many A-listers including Mischa Barton, Kate Winslet and most recently the Duchess of Cambridge.

So how to wear these Grecian dresses I hear you ask. Do not fear! The draping often associated with these dresses makes them extremely flattering on all shapes and sizes, whether you’re looking for something loose and flowing, structured and figure hugging, short or long there will be something to suit everyone. If you decide to go for something loose and billowing you always have the option of adding a fierce metallic belt to add style and power.

The colours that accompany this trend are often neutral shades including cream, white, pale pink and beige, however modern influences have seen Grecian dresses take form in hues of blue, purple and orange. So if the thought of wearing pale pink puts you off, opt for a richer shade! In relation to your feet, Grecian style dresses look great with heels or flats, if you’re off on holiday then opt for some edgy gladiator sandals, if you’re off on a night out then some chunky wedges or heels would look amazing!

If you decide you don’t want to go ‘all out’ then there are loads of other ways to incorporate this trend into your beauty and fashion routine including; jewellery, hair pieces and hair styles and shoes. Braiding your hair is seriously on trend right now and this pays homage to the Grecian ideal. Another option would be to wear a jewelled head band, this adds a touch of glam to any outfit and would be perfect for a festival to keep the hair out of your face!

Choose Stylish Long Skirts

  • Body Type: It is important to choose according to the body type. Wear cloths that complement and accentuate the body shape. Lengthy skirts suit tall women as it helps to accentuate their body shape. It can also be worn by short and heavy women with the right type of shoes and tops.
  • Fabric: Another important factor to consider is the fabric. These are available in a huge variety of fabrics. Choose flowing fabrics that are light and move around gracefully. Skirts made of denim and heavy fabrics are stiff and appear quite formal.
  • Colors: These are available in a huge variety of colors such as dark blue, gray and black. Choose dark colors and pair it with light colored tops.
  • Boots: It should be complemented with high heeled boots or shoes. Boots can be worn during winters whereas open toe shoes can be worn during summers. For women with a petite frame, high heeled boots will add to their height. It is important to choose boots of the same color as the skirts.
  • Season: It should also be chosen on the basis of seasons or weather. It would be quite odd to wear dark or black skirts during summer seasons. Choose light colored skirts for summer seasons as it is both comfortable and cool. It exudes an elegant appearance.
  • Occasion: It is also important to wear outfits based on the occasion. Lengthy skirts in dark colors are quite ideal for meetings and social events. It exudes a professional and disciplined appearance. Light colored skirts can be worn during casual events. It can be paired with matching colored blouse.

There are various types of long skirts which can be bought from online and offline stores at various price rates. Different skirts are designed to suit different body types. Lengthy skirts are available in different varieties which include mermaid skirts, wrap skirts, A-line skirts, flowing skirts, ruffled skirts, lengthy skirts with beautiful laces and box pleated skirts. Most of these skirts are ideal for all body types and occasions.

Main Radii Shoes


Radii footwear specializes in creating joggers and they are well liked by the people. These shoes are comfortable, stylish, and trendy for those that want to look fabulous. There are so many different styles that are available and quality is very nice. There are also many unique designs and styles that are a popular among individuals. When you have joggers on, it makes going on a walk a lot easier. They provide comfort to the feet and allow them to maintain an upright posture. There are many different sizes available and these shoes are long-lasting. Radii footwear has designed these shoes because they are well aware that they will meet the public’s demands.


Radii Footwear offers a large variety of sneakers for both men and women. There are no gender specific shoes and there are even those colors that will work for men or even women. The sneakers are always a highlight in the dressing whether the occasion may be formal or not. These sneakers define the character of the person. When an individual wears them other people are compelled to look at them in awe. These Radii shoes are famous all over the world for their comfort and beauty. They are highly attractive and will last you many years to come.

Moon Walker Shoes

The Moon Walker shoes are quite popular among rappers and hip hop artists. Due to the reason that celebrities wear them, Moon walker shoes are now becoming very popular among the public. These shoes are very classy and are made up of high quality fabric. They are adored by artists that perform live shows and enjoy onstage dancing. When a person has these shoes on, they are comfortable and also feel a boost in their confidence level. This type of Radii shoes are available in many attractive colors such as, flaming red, yellow, black, orange and so much more.

Floral Fabric

With floral fabric your creativity will have a chance to jump out. Bring the garden into the home (without the dirt and watering). You can go with an old-school cottage look, or you can be bold and go with a post-modern look within the home. Either way, floral fabric can add some extra creativity to your home. There are hundreds of floral designs with different color schemes.

Home designers are often too hard pressed to add anything with designs on them, but there is something completely different about floral fabric. The fear is that anything with a design in the fabric takes away from the natural surroundings. This is one design that they can agree on that gives the house a good look. Imagine this, if you will: reupholstering your furniture with floral fabric, then adding into the backdrop real plants. You use decorative plants with multiple colors to give an added color variation in the room so you have two competing views. But these competing views don’t “fight” with one another. Guests sit in reupholstered furniture and with the added ambiance created with the live plants, guests will relax and be calm.

Plants come in all sizes and shapes, and that translates onto the fabric as well. Fabrics are meant to be different for a reason. It gives the house an instant upgrade – at least the room in where you spend much time. Floral fabric does add a great look to the home so you might as well select from a number of fabric that is available. Several home and business owners have taken to using floral fabric and it has made a big difference in their social and business lives.

Pear Shaped

The Maxi dress look

What better than a dress at a party? A dress says feminine like no other item of clothing.

Maxi dresses are very forgiving and their length cover all your problem areas. They are also extremely comfortable as the fabric flows over your lower body, all the way down to your feet. If you choose ones with sexy necklines, such as the halter neck, one-shoulder or strapless, full attention will be on your beautiful face and shoulders.

Empire waist styles are also very flattering. They emphasise the lean torso area and skim over the larger lower area of the pear shape.

You can go for maxi dresses with diagonal stripes, which are slimming, or those with a flower motif, which are popular and currently on trend. Don’t forget to choose patterns that are in proportion to your body size.

The Knee length dress look

Another chic and elegant option is the ‘just below the knee’ dress. Opt for dresses which will show off your slim waist and your upper area at their best. V- necks, other plunging necklines and detailing, such as buttons and patterns, will bring attention to your lean upper half. Below the waist, the dress needs to skim over your hips and thighs.

Cinch the waistline with a belt in a contrasting colour to show off your slim waist.

The trouser look

For a comfortable trouser look, choose them in a light and cool fabric. Linen and linen mix are ideal for summer.

Long and wide legged styles will instantly lengthen your legs if you team them with heels. They will instantly give you the oh so chic and elegant look.

In order to avoid adding inches to your tummy area, choose a flat-fronted style.

Ensure that you iron in a pleat down the middle of the trouser legs. This pleat will visually narrow your thighs, lengthen your legs and point straight down to your freshly pedicured toes.

Your trousers need to be in a basic colour, so as to bring attention to your top instead. Keep all the pizzazz for your tops.

Sexy necklines, such as halter necks, plunging V necks, one- or off-the shoulder or strapless will bring the wow factor to your trouser ensemble. Go for tops in light or bright colours. Do not shy away from patterns as they will attract all the attention to them and away from your larger lower half. Long tops, tunics and short dresses are the perfect partners to trousers for pear shapes and can be worn with white linen trousers.

Accessories & Shoes

Wedges or platforms will bring both comfort and height.They will be ideal, worn with your dresses or trousers.

If you opt to wear a plain colored top, make a statement with bold jewellery instead.

Picking Designer Clothing Is Best

Better Quality

The material used would be of a high quality and therefore you wouldn’t’ need to worry about it not lasting you for a long time. Moreover, when high quality material is used, it looks a lot better as the finish of the material adds to the glamour of the design

Amazing designs

One of the main reasons as to why people usually opt for designer clothing is because of their unique, beautiful and elegant designs. These people know what fashion is all about and therefore when you buy designer clothes you’re surely receiving something that’s in vogue at the current time.

It’s going to be unique

Another reason as to why you must opt for clothes created by designers is because they don’t make many pieces of a particular design. This is what makes them special and since most women wouldn’t want another person wearing the same dress as them, this is definitely one of the top reasons people opt for designer clothing.

Fancy T Shirts Designs

Creative designers use special programs for t shirts designs

The designs you see in t shirts are usually done by talented designers. These t shirt designers work closely with the client in order to get exactly what they want out of the design. In fact, it is no easy task as the logo, symbol, or slogan has to go through several processes and quality control before they finally get transferred onto the t shirt material for printing.

Printing requires the exact colors that have been applied in the design. Colors for the graphic image have to be specifically chosen to match the required theme or slogan for a certain event. Of course, the colors have to come in high definition and vivid tones as well. This is how you get professionally printed t shirts designs that do not have tacky colors or designs that are off-center.

Creative designers envision and materialize their designs using special computer software to achieve the most perfect t shirts designs that are necessary for the event. Some of these events such as a tradeshow or a product launching lean towards a more serious nature which is why designs have to be done accordingly.

Have a fun time creating t shirts designs

On the other hand, you can also come up with your own t shirts designs especially when you have the talent for it. If you are a graphic artist or an image conceptualizing specialist, you can also transfer this skill on designing t shirts. For newbies, there are many programs and ready-made designs for t shirts which can be accessed from various sources on the web. You can either take a little bit of inspiration from them or incorporate the ideas into your own t shirts designs.

The art of designing has become more free-hand nowadays. There are no strict and rigid rules for creating the designs that you want for your own t-shirt. In fact, you can conjure up a friendship bond by electing a day among your friends to design t-shirts that are about your friendship together. Also, laid-back gatherings for family reunions or seasonal get-togethers would be a perfect time to conduct a design-your-own t-shirt day. The main element that you need to have on such kind of occasion is just simple fun.

Once your designs have been finalized, you can then forward your stuff to a t-shirt printing company which customizes t shirts designs. The results of all the designs on the t shirts which you have made will definitely put a smile on your face as you finally receive the goods in your hands.

Nike Shoes for Golfers

  • Nike Zoom Air: The responsive, low-profile cushioning technology that comes in this shoe enhances the comfort and stability. The Air Zoom features a full-length chassis system that makes the shoes quite light-weight, hence promoting underfoot support. The upper part of the shoe is made of lightweight, water-resistant, stretch resistant, and breathable material for providing maximum comfort and the right fit to the wearer. It comes with a contoured removable sock liner for instant comfort.
  • Nike Air Dormie II: These shoes from Nike feature a low-profile cushioning to provide better support and comfort. These shoes have a full length sock liner that helps the player enjoy a smooth ride. The heel of the shoe is made of a tough material that help player attain the required power and flexibility. It has a water shield that keeps the water out to keep the feet dry during the play.
  • Nike Delight II: These shoes are quite comfortable and provide a snug-fit to the wearer. The upper section is made of synthetic leather which is water-resistant, so the player can easily play even on the wet surface. The full-length mid-sole provide an added comfort to the wearer. Great traction provided by these shoes make it easier for the player to make a firm grip over the ground.
  • Nike Air Braisse II: These shoes provide an extra balance while you swing, by smoother weight transfer technology. It is made of full grain leather upper for providing an extra support and an air unit in heel for shock resistant cushioning. These lightweight shoes are perfect for those power swings.
  • Nike Air Summer Lite III: No shoe can outperform the Nike Air Summer women’s golf shoes as its streamlined design provides extra stability and traction. The breathable upper cover provides a long-lasting support. The shoe comes with superior cushioning and air sole unit at the heel. For added comfort, Nike Air Summer shoes come with full length sock liner.