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Shamballa refers to a spiritual place, a city of perfection where all is love. In it the total energy is balance, harmony, and love. It is also the place and time where all rays of Creation Exist including the higher energies of the Asscended Masters. It has become known as a Buddhist Pure Land and is ruled by the Shamballa Kings, also known as Kalki Kings. The physical location of Shamballa is believed to be hidden somewhere in the snow peaks of the Himalayas.

Shamballa encompasses all traditions and nothing is excluded. It has nothing to do with theism and can embrace other religions including Christianity and Judaism. The focus of Shamballa is also empowerment. About how we rule our world and help others by using the power of the human element and natural domain. With Shamballa you want to create and maintain a good world by becoming a sane, courageous individual living in the world.

There are 4 levels of attunement to Shamballa. The first level focuses on self healing and the healing of others. The second level allows a person to mentally send healing messages long distances to people and places. The third level adds more symbols and allows a person to be stronger. The fourth level allows someone to help others with attunements.

Shamballa bracelets are inspired by meditation and tradition. The designs for Shamballa bracelets incorporates Ancient Buddhism and Tibetan symbols. This includes the thunderbolt which symbolizes enlightenment; dragon which symbolizes the severance of material and wordly bonds.

Shamballa bracelet designs, stones, gems, and metals are believed to have healing properties. The color of the various stones used in making Shamball bracelets have meaning as well: Light blue -tranquility, gold -bountiful beauty, silver/white -deep thoughts, gold and silver -the dream state, multi -colored -the unfocused mind, pink -eternal love, red -courage and bravery.

Choosing Comfortable Shoes

  • Sizes aren’t the same for all brands of shoes.

Different designers will have different sizes for the same number. European shoes are often narrower in the front. Dr. Hoorfar suggests trying on a half size larger or smaller than your regular size. She also says shop for shoes later in the day when your feet might be a bit larger from swelling. Get measured yearly. Feet can flatten and widen as you get older, are pregnant, or gain weight.

  • Beware of heavy shoes.

It takes a lot of effort to walk in them. Your feet get tired and will tend to roll in, giving you painful side effects.

  • Flexible shoe materials are what you get.

Dr. Hoorfar says that patent leather is very popular this year but it is not a very flexible material and does not accommodate the foot very well. Look for leather that is high-quality, flexible, and soft. She says that suede is an ideal choice. Also watch if the shoe is topstitched because that can lessen the elasticity of the fit.

  • Soft cushioning is essential.

The feet so not have a lot of fat on them so some padding in the shoe makes them much more comfortable. New technology has also provided nearly invisible gel pads which can be used under the ball of the foot when wearing heels

  • Watch the height of the heel.

Dr. Hoorfar likes to limit her heels to 3 inches. The width of the heel also matters too. Wider ones will not wobble as opposed to the spindly kind. By the way the spindly kind are terrible for ankles. It will also make a difference if the heel is centered under your foot rather that too far back.

  • Look for substantial soles.

Very thin bottoms on your shoes do not protect your feet from the hard pavement and rocky ground. Some of our most popular styles today, like wedges and platforms, have solid bottoms that can absorb the shock of the foot hitting the ground.

  • Lower risk with high-cut shoes.

Bunions can form when the shoe rubs against the foot at the widest point. This happens when you have “sexy toe cleavage”. A toe casing that is covered is safer. Also if you have deep-dipping sides it will allow the foot to slop over the edges instead of staying correctly aligned.

  • Look for adjustability.

Check to see if the shoe has laces, straps, or ties that you could loosen if your feet would swell.


Sunspel Clothing

Now, a century and a half since they began, they remain fully established as the choice for quality casual wear and undergarments for the modern discerning gentleman in the 21st century. How has this longevity been achieved?

There is something unmistakable about the clean, modest aesthetic of Sunspel clothing. From the outset, their design ethic has been one that has moved towards simplicity. You will not see any unnecessary design features or embelishments on a Sunspel garment. They edit out the unnecessary.

Equally, their focus has always been geared towards the quality of the garment. They source only the finest fabrics and utilise traditional techniques in the manufacturing of their garments. Their factory is based in Long Eaton, England where they have the benefit of a deep 150 year heritage of pattern cutting and sewing techniques.

The cut of a Sunspel t-shirt or polo is close to the body and flatters the male physique. Even the length of a short sleeve is designed to flatter the upper arm. Even with this intricate meticulous approach, the clothing remains unfussy; masculine. This style approach is what made the Riviera Sunspel polo the choice for Daniel Craig to wear in the James Bond film Casino Royale in 2006.

During 2012, an exhibition has been held at the Barbican to celebrate the style of James Bond. As part of the exhibition, Sunspel have worked alongside award winning film costume designer Lina Hemming to recreate the iconic blue pale shorts which were worn by Sean Connery in the Bond film, Thunderball in 1965. An artistic endeavour which utilises their conscientious design ethic as they research the archives and recreate the style of James Bond retrospectively.

Sunspel boxer shorts famously appeared in the iconic 1985 Levi’s TV commercial. Marvin Gaye’s ‘I Heard It Through The Grapevine’ plays while a young Nick Kamen strolls into a lauderette. He strips down to his underwear and stone washes his jeans in a machine, revealing a pair of pristine white Sunspel boxer shorts.

Susnpel can also be spotted in this summers Batman Film: ‘The dark Knight Rises’, worn by Christian Bale portraying Mr. Wayne.

These are just a few of many film appearances which begin to conjure an image of a man that Sunspel garments might frame. Even with all this understated design, Sunspel does not project the image of an unadventurous man. Choosing Susnpel implies that the garment has been purchased with intelligence. The garments accentuate a man’s natural sexuality. Something, it would appear, men have realised for almost 150 years.

Fashionable Shoe for Women This Summer

  • Wedge Sandals – a pair of wedges are perfect for the summertime due to their comfortable and practical nature, which can make them great to wear either everyday or just for an evening out. Wedge sandals are effortlessly cool and laidback and can look great for the high street or on the beach.
  • Concealed Platform Heels – choosing a pair of concealed platforms is great for the women that wishes to wear shoes with a higher heel yet doesn’t put as much stress on the feet. Concealed platforms are one of the more stylish types of platforms available and perfect for an elegant night out.
  • Slip On Loafer – a highly comfortable and practical piece of footwear, the slip on loafer is almost a solid staple for a well stocked wardrobe. Loafers are perfect to complement most types of outfits and come in a wide-ranging choice of styles and colors to suit almost everyone’s taste. A pair of women’s loafers in a supple leather material is great to wear all day long.
  • Lace-up Pump – these colorful lace-up shoes are great for the summertime as they are really feminine, pretty, and can look great with almost any casual outfit from jeans and a t-shirt to a short floral dress, so irrespective of the outfit you might be wearing or the type of occasion, these versatile shoes will certainly help to steal the spotlight.
  • Flip Flops – these plastic shoes are incredibly versatile and come in an almost endless line of styles to suit everyone’s taste; a great choice of designs and colors are available, from classy to fun, and great to wear anytime. Flip flops are great for beach time fun, but if planning on doing some proper walking, than it is often best to change into some real footwear.

Little White Dresses

Your skin tone will dictate which shade of white you choose. In general the darker you are, the darker shade of white will best suit you. For instance, pale skin shades can enjoy bright white, whereas dark skins will be suited by off whites or creams.

Beware thin white material, as it can become see-through! If you can hold your new dress up to the light and see your hand through it then you’re sailing into stormy waters, as people will be able to see everything!

If you have a model’s shape then any dress is going to be great, but if you have some lumps and bumps then little white dresses will not flatter them if they’re too tight. Instead choose flowing white dresses that are light-weight and breezy, then there’ll be no risk of your dress being unflattering.

It’s a total cliché when you see girls showing off dark underwear through their white clothes. Is it classy, or trashy? We think the latter, and is this an image you wish to portray when you’re out on the town? So white or nude underwear is a must!

If you’re ready to wear little white dresses now, you’ll also want to know what kind of accessories you can try.

You could wear brightly colored shoes, such as reds, oranges or blues; but this is strictly for those who wish to make a BIG statement!

Lighter colors, or metallic tones would be better. So start thinking about silvers, golds, grays, nudes, or browns.

Avoid black, which will clash too much, and white, which will take your outfit into Hallowe’en ghost territory.

Simple accessories are best with white which is already a bright and noticeable color. That’s why wooden, ethnic, and metallic accessories are going to be the best choices.

Workwear Trousers

Regardless of whether your company is a market leader, an established company, or a newly set up business, providing your workers with smart, comfortable and practical trousers is really important. It is important to choose the most functional, modern and best-value work wear available. Backed by studies which have proven that comfortably dressed workers will be at their productive best, many employers are seeking to dress their workers with the best. Top quality, comfortable and well fitting work wear trousers also give a professional edge and an elegant finish to a company’s uniform.

Many garments manufacturers are offering trousers that are made from color-fast and shrink-proof fabric. These trousers will also be furnished with sturdy buttons and zips, triple stitched seams and deep pockets. Many reputed brands are offering wide ranging styles of trousers available in differing shapes and sizes. Over trousers, Hi Vis trousers, track trousers, action trousers, Eisenhower trousers, chefs’ trousers and pocket trousers are some of the trousers that provide generous and anatomical fit.

High-quality work wear trousers will offer relaxation at work regardless of whether they work in or out of doors. They also enable them to work safely and comfortable in the roughest days in the most extreme conditions. Good quality work wear trousers are robust enough to endure the rigors of the trade. Workers, who work outside the office, for instance construction workers, require trousers that can resist severe physical wear than office workers require. There are many trousers that come fitted with knee pad, generous cushioning and other protection features. These kinds of trousers are beneficial in strengthening your clothes from scratches and tears, besides guarding your skin. They are also helpful in enabling you to work efficiently in both heavy industrial work and light DIY jobs around the house. Electricians, plumbers, factory workers, construction workers and other workers in a range of labor-intensive trades are also beneficiaries of sturdy work wear trousers.

Waterproof work wear trousers are also available from reputed brands. These types of garments are made of durable, lightweight, comfortable, breathable and long-lasting materials that provide top quality protection. Waterproof work wears enable workers to work efficiently in all conditions since they maintain them in dry and comfortable state.

Rise of the Classy Lady

The look of ‘tight as it can go’ bandage dresses are definitely on their way out, we’re all getting bored of seeing girls in dresses that look wedged onto them (quite frankly, when was that ever a good look?). But in its place is coming a new breed of classic elegant young women – these girls wear knee lengths with pride and still rock the sexy look! Fitted pencil styles that are well tailored not only show off your figure, in a flattering and classic way, but give an air of sophistication and class. With a huge variety of necklines, colours, materials, and fashion features (such as peplums) they are around in abundance and I can’t get enough of them! Teamed with a little clutch, a pair of stilettos and a big fascinator these dresses can easily take you from a day at the races to a formal family wedding. Or team with a big pair of wedges and an oversized hat and it’s off to the polo with you! The effortless 40’s/50’s style vintage glamour they evoke fits in at so many events, and that is the beauty of their new adaptability into more modern fashions.

Events such as racing and polo are on the rise, sports once seen as purely for the wealthy to attend, but with tickets being more available and affordable to the general public it gives everyone an excuse to get dressed up and feel a bit special for a day. There definitely aren’t enough occasions in life where we get the chance to be really glamorous anymore, and the lovely thing about a classic pencil dress is its adaptability from a smart work dress or dinner date dress, to a really glam event dress with just the right accessories and a bit of sparkle! In the current economic climate, people just can’t afford the ‘throw away’ disposable fashions that we’ve been seeing in previous more affluent years, so it’s all about basing your wardrobe around classic pieces that can be worn for a whole host of occasions which make you feel like the confident attractive woman you are when you slip them on.

1920s Flapper Dress

The allure of the Flapper is the sheer amount of detail they exhibit. Embellished with sequins, tassels and feathers, they reflected the brash, outgoing nature of the new woman. With their sleek bobs, vibrant lipstick and witty conversation, the Flapper Girls ushered in an age of relative independence and rebellion on the part of the fairer sex. No longer confined to the background, these women became the life and soul of the party, dancing and drinking the night away. Who wouldn’t want to reference such a fun attitude? Even today the Flapper dress is a symbol of joyful partying, of being different and comfortable with yourself.

For these reasons, the Flapper style has experienced something of a revival in recent years. Various versions of the flapper dress have appeared sporadically on the high street and the catwalk, and TV dramas such as Boardwalk Empire have introduced a whole new generation to the Golden Age. The long awaited release of The Great Gatsby movie in 2013 has also provided ample inspiration, with Miuccia Prada working with the film’s costume department to bring archived Prada dresses into the wardrobe of Daisy Buchanan, portrayed by the stunning Carey Mulligan. The practicality of the dress cut, combined with the opulence of the embellishments mean that it is a style that brings together comfort with stunning aesthetics.

The flapper dress is best suited for a less curvy figure, similar to the 60s shift. The straight up and down cut suits an athletic frame most, although you are likely to find dresses that will work with any body in the high street stores now, as body conventions have certainly changed in 90 years! Keep this in mind, however, if you go for a vintage piece. Sizing will be a lot smaller and the construction of the garments will be less flexible, since manmade stretchy fibres were not available at the time of their design. It may be easier then, to opt for a contemporary product when dipping your toe into the flapper trend; find a piece you love easily, get used to the style, and then if you fall hard for the Flapper girl identity, you can go thrifting and eventually find your perfectly unique vintage outfit.

Converse All Star

It is said that if you are interested in basketball stars you cannot do not know converse for that the famous name “Converse All Star” is come from the NBA. Various NBA stars are favor in Converse, and even many basketball stars have been the spokesmen of Converse All Star like Chuck Taylor. Here, one style of Converse have to be talked about is the classic style JACK PURNVERSE which is well known for the special SMILE design of the shoe toe. It comes from the world champion playing badminton in Canada. This style is popular for its durable and suitable design. Furthermore, JACK PURNVERSE become the top level dedicated sport shoes of sports meeting, so that it gets the favor of the professional athletes competing for the DEBIS. In spite of the sport stars, many Hollywood stars and singers like wearing this style as well. James Dean, Dustin Hoffman and the Beatles are converse fans. The unique design is particular about the details and tradition, all of these shows the elegance and talent of a classic brand.

Why Converse All Star is so popular? I think the classic design and high quality are the main reason. Beyond those, nowadays people pursue personality and fashion, ALL STAR satisfies this trend. No matter its appearance and colors are close to natural and original, while these are the trend of the fashion clothes of these days, so Converse All Star can match this very well. Though the design is simple, wearing Converse All Star, we can be at easy.

My friends, if you love casual and pursue freedom, one pair of Converse All Star can be a good choice. It will show your personality thoroughly. Believe it or not, the good quality and unique style will comfort what you want.

Mukluks and Moccasins

Origins of Mukluks

Mukluks were first crafted by the Inuit and Yupik people of the Canadian and American north. There is evidence that mukluks may also have been worn by settlers in Siberia and Russia. Mukluks were created to combat the extreme dry cold that the Inuit people faced on a daily basis. The materials to create the boots typically consisted of seal or caribou skin for the basic shell of the boot, animal sinew as thread to sew the pieces together, and fur to create warmth. Mukluks were made in different shapes and sizes, but generally were made to fit just under the knee for maximum warmth and protection. Intricate beadwork was added as a creative element, an important homage to the Inuit culture. Often beadwork was seen as a cultural and spiritual significance within traditional tribes of the Canadian north.

Origins of Moccasins

According to Native American lore, a chief of The Great Plains used to suffer from very tender feet. One morning he awoke in his village to paths that had been created out of animal hide for him to comfortably walk on. Of course, the chief realized that he would only be able to walk on these paths made of soft leather and wouldn’t be able to stray from them. He demanded that the earth be covered in this leather, however the village medicine man knew that this demand was unrealistic. He offered the chief two objects that, to the chief, looked like bear’s fur-less feet. These leather shoes eventually evolved into the moccasins we know today.

In the most basic sense, moccasins were traditionally made with two pieces of animal hide, stitched together along the top of the foot with animal sinew. Fur was typically added around the top portion, and beadwork done on the top piece of material. This beadwork was used as way to distinguish tribes from one another.