Month: November 2019

Handbags for All Occasions

It all starts with the most favourite of females’ past-times: shopping. Women heading out with the intention of buying a new handbag, whether with the intention of finding a match for their newest outfits or a luxury accessory from the top-name designers, will often return home with several bags, ‘just in case’. Not to mention purses to match!

And who can blame them – with various handbags in all shapes, sizes, designs and fabrics, from the world leading top fashion houses such as Gucci, Prada and Fendi right through to high street bargains, and cowhide and leather to silk and cotton, it’s no wonder that women own dozens of handbags.

Even the ones that cost less can be just as stylish and on-trend, and demand and desire for the style and look of the catwalk bags quickly filters down.

If you are on the hunt for a new handbag, it pays to have a comparison of the various fabrics and designs.

Totes are a popular option for style-conscious women with rather a lot to carry round. They can be relatively inexpensive too, so it’s not unusual to have several totes to go with a variety of outfits or for different occasions.

Designer leather handbags are right at the top end of the market, and give women with the cash to splash the chance to show off the very latest stylish accessories. Leather is hardwearing, so although the cost may seem high, women can get years of life out of a quality designer bag.

Satchels are not just for school girls these days – cute and bright they are a playful bag and among the trendiest around. Not too big, but with plenty of pockets for all your bits, they’re practical and stylish.

For parties or a special event, the clutch bag is a good option. Just big enough for purse, keys, lippie and phone, they are often highly decorated and embellished and make a real statement. They can be matched to your outfit too for the ultimate custom look in accessories.

And then we have everything from hobo bags, which are comfortable to carry and feel incredibly helpful as you can get everything but the kitchen sink inside, to boxy purses and everything in between.

And of course, many of these styles of handbags come in all types of fabric, from leather and other animal skins to cotton, silk, plastic and wood. These days there are no limits to what a handbag can be made from, or what it can look like.

Fly London Boots

  • FLY Mol Boots
    The Mol boots from the house of Fly is the most appreciated product in the market. These high boots are manufactured by making use of best quality waxed leather due to which the boots get great durability as well as strength. The sole used in these shoes are classic low wedge heel which makes them highly suitable for daily purposes and you can also wear them on some special occasions. For the reason of good fitting, these boots are provided with an outside buckle & an inside zip so that you can adjust them according to your size. Also, over the boots you will find a Fly logo embedded which acts as your status symbol.
  • FLY Yule Boots
    In the line of Fly London boots, Yule is another popular product. These are high boots which are accompanied by classic wedge sole. In order to provide good fitting, these boots contains a Velcro fastener so that you are able to adjust it according to your size. Once you have adjusted the boot according to your size, Velcro will be automatically hided by means of an integrated fold over tab. Just like Mol and Mes both, the Yule also possesses a side fastening zip that helps to put on & take off the boots easily as well as smoothly.
  • FLY Mes Boots
    The Mes Boots, the next product from the house of fly also get the same respect as the Mol boots get in the market.

About Gilets

In the early 19th century is when gilets for women really started to begin to gain popularity. It was then that dressmakers began designing bodices to resemble a man’s gilet, or waistcoat. From there it was open season for lots of different styles, variations, and types of gilets for women. In fact, chances are you either own now, or have owned before a gilet of your own. Even though gilets can be high fashion additions to your wardrobe, they don’t have to be high cost. If you do a little searching you can find loads of very fashionable and/or functional cheap gilets for women. It could be said that one could own a gilet for every season, occasion, and style imaginable. With all of the different types of gilets for women available in department stores and online every day, it’s easy to see why.

Perhaps you are looking for a way to keep your core warm in the winter. Padded gilets, and faux fur gilets are a great way to add a little touch of style to your outfit while helping to keep your body warm. There are types of gilets that come in all sorts of lengths and styles. Gilets for women can be found anywhere from waist high to knee length. Imagine a nice fuzzy padded gilet at knee length complimenting your outfit without hiding, all while keeping you nice and toasty. Sound pretty nice, right? Well, you are not alone in thinking so.

If you take a look, you can see photos and interviews of celebrities sporting their own styles and types of gilets. Men and Women will use a gilet, or vest, to add a bold statement to any outfit using color, patterns, or fabrics. Truthfully, there’s virtually no limit to the versatility of the gilet. Not to mention gilets for women can sometimes have just slightly tapered sides to accent a woman’s feminine figure. Padded gilets are great for adding to your layers when you go skiing, or hiking.

Even cyclists will wear windbreaker styles of gilets with open mesh backs to allow for airflow. Maybe, you prefer your bikes with engines. In that case, nice rugged leather gilet might be more your style. Whether it’s gilets for women or men, sports or outdoors, function or fashion; you can almost never go wrong with the properly selected gilet. With the seemingly infinite number of variations and types of gilets available for so many different and wide-ranging uses; how could you possibly find fault with this timeless piece of fashion awesomeness?

Get Flawless Beauty

Select from a variety of products ranging from foundation to eyeshadow, as well as skincare products, lotions, and beauty tools such as make-up brushes and kits. There’s even a specific line of PUR Teen products to fulfill adolescent skincare needs.

  • Ingredients
    PUR cosmetics products contain several natural ingredients in their make-up, but what may be the most important ingredient is known as Ceretin Complex. Ceretin is a plant-based combination of nonirritating purified retinol and ceramides that maximize moisture. This ingredient helps to firm, lift, and plump skin to make it as beautiful as ever. The complex smoothes fine lines, evens out skin discoloration, and also helps to gain and maintain a bright even-toned complexion.

Other ingredients work directly with the Ceretin Complex to achieve natural beauty. There are different ingredients in many of the products from PUR, but most are all natural and specifically blended together to help achieve skin perfection. Some of these ingredients include grape seed extract, aloe, peptides, and vitamins A, C, and E. All of these ingredients are natural extracts that have been known to promote skin health for centuries. Each product has a specific combination of several of these ingredients to maximize the effect of each product. Additionally, PUR powders are free of chemical dyes, talc, and petroleum-based oils and fillers as well. This back-to-basics approach can do wonders for irritated, sensitive skin and can improve the look of any other skin type.

Additionally, all PUR products are filtered using a special process that removes impurities in the molecular structure and leaves only the highest quality product. Therefore, you are never using filler or impurities – just clean, natural make-up that’s available for every skin tone and type.

  • Effects
    The tireless effort put into creating PUR cosmetics does not go unnoticed when it is used. These cosmetics don’t just cover or conceal imperfections; all products help to reduce the signs of aging and help ladies of every age look their best. Due to this effort, all products they produce are performance-based; this means that they can help reduce the appearance and size of pores, smooth away wrinkles and fine lines, as well as help to balance skin tone.

Just because these cosmetics work to actually reduce the effects of aging over time doesn’t mean that they don’t make a woman look more beautiful immediately. All products offer exceptional coverage so that every lady can look her absolute best at work, at play, and everywhere in between. While these cosmetics are being worn, however, the natural ingredients work to nourish and condition skin. So, you can look fabulous while also doing wonders for your skin. A lot of make-up can clog pores or cause oiliness, but PUR products can actually help benefit your skin with every use. How often can you say that about your make-up arsenal?

Muck Boots

Muck boots are made of rubber and may be used for a wide variety of purposes. These boots are waterproof and are helpful for people working in plantations, and also for the purposes of fishing, hunting, gardening and many other external activities. Despite its title, muck boots are also available in clogs, sandals and shoes. It assists to keep out feet dry and comfortable in severe weather and in dirty working places. These footwear have self-insulating foam and is made with 100% natural and waterproof rubber.

Muck boots are also offered for kids. Children often get soiled and messy quickly and the boots can keep it from having their toes soaked. Muck boots for children come up until their thighs, therefore providing them utmost protection and support from elements similar to rain, snow, hail and sleet. When you know that your children are wearing muck boots, you will be free from worrying regarding dangerous weather or environment. To suit kid’s imaginative nature, muck boots come in various colors according to everyone child’s wants. All these boots are certainly durable and can last for many years, in spite of their frequent usage. The boot’s inside is made from soft foam that soaks up and draws dampness from your foot and lower leg. There aren’t any chances for skin irritations when utilizing these footwear, as they don’t come with an internal liner. This liner can easily be dried within seconds with a usual blow drier. The foam applied to these footwear is also hypo-allergenic and non-abrasive. There is no need to wear socks along with these footwear except if and until you have intended actions for extremely cold conditions. The footwear contains a flexible upper part which allows us to wear the pant together outside and inside the boot.

Muck boots change depending on the weather conditions and are found to be cool during summer and warm during winter seasons. The comfort level of these boots is around four to twenty nine degree Celsius and is hence, supportive and flexible. All these boots are stretchable and they are easy to match legs in any measurements, therefore are hassle-free for simple off and on. Because of its flexibility, it is advisable that you employ your typical running shoe size instead of the measurements of your dress shoes, although picking muck boots. There is no individual line of boots and sizes for women and men and thus, are easy to select from.

Sandals and Slides

Naot acknowledges every kind of woman, but they also understand that sometimes, a woman has to let her feet breath. With a number of collections, Naot can provide you with shoes that are stylish and comfortable. With a core design of foot-beds made with cork and latex wrapped in pampering suede, every Naot footwear can better fit your foot and style.

Kayla is a three-strap walking sandal, with a hook-and-loop strap at the instep, and a back-strap for added stability and support. With a foot-bed wrapped in comfortable suede and made from Naots anatomic cork and latex, it can adjust to the shape of your feet with continued use. You can also choose from three colors: metal, black matte, and copper.

Samantha is a type of adjustable sandal you can modify with the hook-and-loop strap located at the instep. An elegant slide, it has large rhinestone and rivet accents, lined with leather for extra comfort. Its foot-bed, made from Naots anatomic cork and latex, is enveloped in suede that coddle your feet every time you wear it. You can choose either black or quartz to complement your style.

Dorith is a gladiator-inspired adjustable footwear, with a hook-and-loop strap mechanism. It also has a back-strap to stabilize and support your feet. Like all Naot footwear, its foot-bed is made from cork and latex, and enclosed by pampering suede. It is designed to always provide you with incomparable comfort and style.

Malibu is a feminine adjustable sandal. With a T-strap design outfitted with a rhinestone ornament, it features a faux-buckle hook-and-loop strap at the instep. Its foot-bed is made from cork and latex, draped with comfy suede that is the core design of any Naot footwear.

Oregon is a slide, adjustable sandal with a buckle at the instep that can be fiddled with. It has a synthetic upper, and is lined with a wicking material that allow your feet to breathe. Its foot-bed is made of cork and latex, swathe in suede, and is intended to follow the form of your feet through continued use. You can wear them in two stylish colors: aluminum and navy material.

Ashley is a feminine slide-sandal and part of the Elegant Collection. It is styled with rhinestone accents across the instep, which is also equipped with gore for adjustability. It has a core and latex, enclosed in suede foot-bed that is common with all Naot designs.

Blue Planet Fancy Dress

The 60’s seems too retro, the 70’s that bit too depressing, and the 90’s (need I mention the state of a pre-comeback Take That wardrobe). The 80’s for some reason fits perfectly and is a classic era for fancy dress and shows absolutely no sign of slowing down in popularity. If one was to look around a nightclub, or scan the masses of people queuing outside one, it would be highly expected to see at least one person dressed (bucket hat and all) like a member of Salt-n-Pepa, The Bangles, or at least Duran Duran. This is not because such a scene was taking place in 1984, neither is it because dressing like your pre-adolescent parents has suddenly come into fashion. It is in fact because 80’s costumes are hugely popular with anybody who has caught even a whiff of the words ‘fancy dress’.

It is hard to think why an era that brought about such fashion blunders as the side ponytail and Adam and the Ants is now considered common practise on a night out, but it cannot be denied that when dolled up in neon and flares, inside all of us there is possibly a diva just aching to get out (unless your name is Pete Burns, in which case the diva is already very much out). Nevertheless, the bright colours and outlandish garbs that make up an 80’s costume are bound to get even the squarest of folk trying on their dancing shoes, and whether a child of the 80’s or not, the music and clothing will no doubt give a sense of happy nostalgia like no other. There are some fashion decisions that will always make us shudder (tie dye for example), but never will overused neon accessories be frowned upon, and never will 80’s fancy dress costumes die out.

Fancy dress has always been a great way for a party to have an extra buzz or a night out to have that little bit of added ‘fun factor’, and 80’s costumes are that of vibrancy and entertainment. Love them or hate them, stags dressed up in neon tutus and hens plastered in red lipstick and leg warmers are always an entertaining sight, and if you can’t at least smile at the memories of such a ‘cool’ and ‘swanky’ decade, well then just blame it on the boogie.

Favorite Black Wellies


Black wellies are extremely popular as they are in great demand. Black has been the first color on the first pair of wellington boots and hence is considered a classic color for wellies.

The first batch of wellingtons manufactured was made in black to offer a sense of classiness in the dressing attire of the working community. Over time, more colors came on as an alternative to consumers. However, black wellies have already established its top listing in the consumer’s preference.

Dirt Coverage

Black wellies are preferred over colored ones as the latter covers dust and dirt better than the former kind. Black color tends to hide the presence of dust and dirt much better than colored ones; hence, one does not feel embarrassed with a slight covering of dirt and dust as it is not so obvious than with colored wellies; especially bright colors.


It is easy to find a pair of colored wellies anytime than other colored wellies as there is an abundance of them in various styles and designs. There will always be many pairs of colored wellies in the store compared to colored ones.


Black is a very appealing color to have unique designs and patterns stand out on the wellies. It is easier to place studs, laces, zips, glitters and other accessory pieces on colored wellies than on other colors as black makes these accessories stand out better for a distinct designer look. Hence, it is easier to design distinctive wellies and boots on black color first than on other colors.


Black wellies can fit almost any occasion without being out of place. There is no fear of over-dressing or under-dressing with a pair of black boots anytime. Black wellies can be seen as a casual wear or a formal wear. They would look great on the wearer walking in the park, shopping in the mall, tending the garden or even at the farm.

Watch Winders

Watch winders are the perfect way to protect, display and keep cherished automatic watches ticking with precision.

When a watch is not worn, as is often the case with occasional-wear automatic watches, the mechanisms can start to slow down and become less accurate. Watch winders are a great way to keep your watch mechanisms in permanent motion just as the body would when the watch is worn.

The best thing about winders is their exceptional design. These beautiful objects are designed to be put on display and to protect a watch when it is not being worn. They are a great talking point and a great way to display a watch. There are many types of watch winders available including those designed to hold one watch through to watch winding cabinets that can protect and display any number of timepieces.

Watch winders make the perfect gift for the watch owner who has everything. In fact, they may not even be aware that these devices exist in which case they are going to be absolutely delighted with your gift. Not only are they objects of outstanding beauty but they also provide a function that will go on giving value for many years to come. If you really want to spoil your loved one, a watch winder is a luxury gift that is sure to delight. A classic item such as this is sure to be well received by any watch enthusiast.

When it comes to choosing from the huge range of winders available, you need to think about the receiver and what they would prefer. If they have a classic timepiece then a winder made from the finest mahogany, ebony or walnut would be a great choice. For the more modern timepiece, a sleek chrome design is sure to please. Manufacture is not a service that is provided by many companies, but there are a few and they excel at their art, producing some of the finest watch winders in the world.

Elegance of Indian Ethnic

More expensive a saree is, more elaborate embellishments and embroidery it carries. Detailed and intricate geometric, floral, or figurative ornamentation create an affluent aura that makes a designer saree special and unique. In terms of styles, one can classify a wedding saree according to the regions where they derive their popularity from. In eastern India, the brides are usually found opting for one of these styles; baluchari (Bengal) cuttacki Pata Silk, sambalpuri pata silk, bapta & khandua silk and berhampuri silk (Orissa). Moving on to western India we have options like pathani (Maharashtra), bandhani (Gujarat and Rajasthan), kota dori (Rajasthan) and lugade (Maharashtra).

With the cultural diversity in India, people get enough opportunities to play with the color palette of their wedding saree i.e. golden, pink, orange, maroon, onion-color, magenta, brown and even yellow. However, traditionally a wedding saree remains red. Even in countries like China, Vietnam and Japan red is used as the traditional color of good luck and auspiciousness. But with designer reaching a new level of creativeness, brides today are being more experimentative and looking for a fresh color palette for their designer sarees which would be worn for different wedding ceremonies. Saree designs and designer sarees come in myriad hues and prints; this makes shopping an overwhelming experience. Next on the list is the new rage of designer salwar kameez designs. Woven in large scale of fabrics like silk, jacquard, brocades, cottons, chiffons, organza, georgette and the most popular nets, designer salwar kameez designs are highly popular among women belonging to younger age group.

Designer salwar kameez are most frequently worn for evening dos, cocktail parties, reception and wedding ceremonies. Winters in India witness numerous weddings therefore, selling of designer salwar kameez picks up during that season. Also, the festive season offers a good opportunity for designers to experiment and bring out trendy salwar kameez collections. Latest trend in fabrics is all about going little away from the conventional fabrics and experimenting with new selections. Designer use heavier fabrics like velvets, silk and brocades for winter wear designs, while spring summer collections are woven in lighter materials like chiffon, crepe and cottons which suits the seasonal shift from winters to summers.