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Gel Cushions and Pads

The gel cushions can also be used in places where you avoid foam cushions. They ensure comfort as well as relief from pain and other troubles. They prove to be very helpful in offices, where you can place them on the chair and sit on that comfortably. You can also rest your back on that. You will feel relaxed especially when you are sitting hours and hours in front of your computer at the office. You can also use them while driving the car. It will help you get rid of the stress that you feel after driving for hours at a stretch.

As these pads are made of gel, you will not feel the stress. What makes gel pads different from normal cushion is that while you sit on a normal foam cushion, the pressure that acts will be strong and direct and you will get tired after some time. On the other hand in the case of gel pads, the pressure will be distributed throughout the pad and thus you won’t feel the stress. Now it is common to find gel cushion seats in cars and gel pad chairs in offices.

These cushions are made of non-allergic and organic substances. They are also eco-friendly. It will be more helpful for elderly people who always find it difficult to sit for many hours during a long journey. With the use of gel pads, they will be able to relax and feel comfortable. As it is light weight, gel cushions are portable. The gel cushions come in various forms and sizes and you can pick the one that matches the size of the seat and your budget.

How to Work Heels

  • Start Gradually
    This first tip is a good one. Don’t rush off and buy six-inch stilettos, thinking you can make an easy transition from flats. It’s suggested that you start off with a low-heel, about two inches or so, to ease your feet into the shape. This height is pretty comfortable and you can still look great. Eventually when you feel adjusted, you can move up to a mid-heel which is usually between two and four inches tall. From there, it’s only a matter of time until your working a fabulous six-inch heel!
  • Practice, Practice, Practice
    Wearing your heels around the house is a great way to practice your balance and improve your strides. I tried walking around the house, doing chores and relaxing in my heels for a few hours. At first I wobbled a bit and was only able to take really small steps. I definitely didn’t look as graceful as my gorgeous friend! I sat down and worked for a while and then got up and did some more chores. I gave myself as many breaks as I needed and kept wearing the shoes until I eventually didn’t mind walking in them at all.
  • Choose Wisely
    If you are going to commit to some form of discomfort in the name of beauty, you might as well choose the least painful option. You want to make sure that your weight is evenly distributed from your heel to the pad of your foot. If there is too much pressure on the pad, then your heel is, more than likely, too high. If you are struggling to balance on a narrow heel, opt for a stylish wedge.
  • Walk Properly
    So the key here is simple enough: Walk like you do normally, heel to toe. If this is difficult you may need a different shoe or more practice. As you begin on your heel, lean into the step, placing your pad down firmly. You’ll get the hang of it. Never put weight solely on your heels. This is very damaging for you and your heels.

Military Boots for Women

Women also like such footwear because they like the way they look and because they find them comfortable to wear. It is a fact that the military takes utmost care in getting these shoes manufactured, in order to make sure that they provide comfort and security to the soldiers who wear them. Thus, civilian women also like wearing these boots because they are very comfortable and help in protecting their feet from rain, dust and everything else they are exposed to on a regular basis.

The market is full of different stores that sell such all kinds of footwear, which are especially made for the women. These military boots, apart from being very comfortable and secure, are also very fashionable, trendy and stylish. They cater to the needs of the urban and modern women who like to be stylish and stay fashionable. Given the fact that there are way too many options to choose from, it can be a bit confusing for anyone to shoes the right pair of army shoes. In order to find the right pair, one has to have a little bit of insight about all the options available.

When opting for a pair of military boots, you should not consider only the color, style and overall look. You should also give equal importance to comfort and durability. As these shoes are quite expensive, they should last long so that you get your money’s worth. It will not be very difficult to buy such military boots that will be very stylish, trendy and fashionable, and yet comfortable and flexible. In order to find such a pair of footwear, you might have to search the nearest store or you can also search the internet and browse through the catalogue of different online stores that sell these shoes.

Brown Leather Jackets

Different types of these jackets

You can find a large variety of jerkins and leather coats to choose from. Your choice depends on your need and use. You can wear them out on fancy occasions and I guarantee they would look outstanding. You can find them in a number of different brown shades – lighter and darker ones.

How to Take Care of Your Jacket

Some leather jackets can cost you hundreds of bucks. Thus, when you buy one you would want it to last for as long as it can get. The best thing about the material is that it does not wear out so soon and lasts longer, especially if you know how to take care of it. Thus, taking care of it will strengthen its durability, add longevity to it and consequently allow you to wear it for as long as you like to. Each jacket comes with a label. You must read it to know how it should be washed properly. Each jacket will have slightly different instructions, so make sure you always read what is on yours and not rely on what others say. Brown jackets can easily show off dirt. In order to clean it, spray water and wipe it softly with a piece of clean cloth.

How to Buy a Perfect One

If you want to buy a perfect brown jacket for yourself, keep the following things in mind:

  • Get your best fit – try them out before buying them, button them and see how the fitting is for you. Since, brown is a common color, you may find many good ones. Trying them could be hectic, but make sure you manage to do it for sure.
  • Consider your budget – If you are low on it, don’t buy a branded one, but whatever you buy shall be of good quality.
  • Choose a style and shade of brown color that matches your personality and need – Buying a maroon-brown jacket for professional use would not be an inappropriate idea.

Athena Mennis

Athena describes herself to be short in height but her ego is tall and never in her life that she underestimate her ambition to make big in fashion designing. She instilled in her mind to work hard and reach her childhood ambition to become a designer, particularly in shoes, her biggest passion and love of her life. For her, creating designs and expression is a fashion. An open-minded woman, she never thinks that fashion has ugliness for she believes that there is beauty in it no matter how it is presented. She has strong conviction that every creation is beautiful in the eye of its creator.

When Athena was just starting as a struggling designer, she never stopped experimenting to create something unique, practical and fashionable. Then little by little, she learned the ropes of designing and she made it a point to establish connections and find people who can help her in the fashion industry. What makes Athena tick, is her ability to disseminate information about her ability and products by way of public relations. Yes, Virginia, Athena is not just the girl next door, she is skilled in public relations by which she uses her talent to make herself known and create a niche as an independent footwear designer.

Korean Fashion

Firstly, Asia’s ex-leading fashion trendsetter has introduced, if not made better, some of the most fashionable ladies’ blouses and dresses for quite some time. It is only natural that they would run out of ideas after taking such a long lead. Therefore, Korea took this opportunity to snatch the lead from Japan after its fashion creativity has run dry.

Secondly, it could be due to the surge in popularity of Korean pop groups which has led to their fashion success. As you all might know, popular pop groups usually set the latest trend as they are the frontline of the entertainment scene and would have to dress uniquely to identify themselves. You have probably heard much about the latest Korean pop groups such as Big Bang, Super Junior and Girl’s Generation (SNSD). All these pop groups are now the most talked about in the entertainment world. And since they are such hot topics, it is no wonder that people would want to imitate their idols and would therefore dress similarly to their idols. I believe that this is the most crucial point which led Korea to overtake the latest Asian trend.

As a fashion advisor, I usually advise my clients to have a closer look at the fashion in Asia. The apparel in Asia look more appealing to the eyes and the range of apparel are close to unlimited. I love how Asians express their creativity through fashion. For clients who have doubted my advice, I would buy them a nice piece of apparel from the latest Korean fashion. After wearing the apparel I bought them, most of them would be in awe at how a piece of clothe could bring out so much in them.

Leather Belts

Leather making process

Leather can be made from the hide of many different animals including deer and kangaroo, but cowhide is the most common. Hides may be chosen for their individual characteristics, if the grain of the hide will be present in the finished product, but many leathers are processed in such a way that any flaws in the hide are removed.

The hide has to undergo a number of preparatory steps before it can be tanned. These steps may include preservation, soaking, liming, unhairing, fleshing, splitting, reliming, deliming, bating, degreasing, frizing, bleaching, pickling, and depickling. These processes strip the hide of any unwanted materials and blemishes and prepare it for the tanning chemicals.

Next, the actual tanning process can begin. There are many different tanning processes including vegetable tanned(one of the oldest kinds, which renders a dark brown product), chrome tanned (also known as wet blue, the most common today), aldehyde tanned (sometimes called wet-white, this type is being phased out for safety reasons), and brain tanned (another old form of tanning using animal brains).

Vegetable tanning is popular with hobbyists, as it is the only form of leather suitable for use in leather carving or stamping. Vegetable-tanned leather is not stable in water; it tends to discolor, and if left to soak and then dry it will shrink and become less supple, and harder. In hot water, it will shrink drastically and partly gelatinize, becoming rigid and eventually brittle. Boiled leather is an example of this, where the leather has been hardened by being immersed in hot water. Historically, it was used as armor after hardening, and it has also been used for book binding.

Chrome tanning is the most common today because it has many benefits over other types of tanning. It is more supple and pliable than vegetable-tanned leather and does not discolor or lose shape as drastically in water as vegetable-tanned. Chrome tanning can render many different colors of leather through the use of dyes in the tanning process.

After the leather has been properly tanned, there still remains a series of steps called crusting. This process involves thinning, retanning, and lubricating the finished leather, and may also include a coloring operation. The final goal of the crusting process is to dry and soften the completed project.

Some leathers also receive a surface coating, depending on the desired final product. This is often referred to as finishing. This process can include oiling, brushing, padding, impregnation, buffing, spraying, roller coating, curtain coating, polishing, embossing, ironing, combing (for hair-on leathers), glazing, and tumbling.

Making a belt

The finished leather is now ready to be made into a completed project. Let’s say that we want to make a belt from our tanned hide. The hide will be laid out and carefully measured. A precisely measured strip will be cut from the hide and removed.

There are a number of things that can be done to decorate plain leather. Shapes and patterns can be carved or stamped into vegetable tanned leather, creating intricate designs or even lettering. Leather can also be cut, rather like lace, to create patterns. Different layers of leather can be stacked so they show through the holes in the upper layers. Embroidery or beading is popular, decorating the leather with threads and beads.

When the artisan has achieved the desired designs or decorations on the leather, it is securely sewn to stabilize the edges, and hardware is attached. There are different types of hardware that can be used depending on the specific style of belt desired.

Cole Haan Boots

As a manufacturer of luxury footwear products, they have a strong reputation of bringing unmatched craftsmanship and quality to all of its products, a portfolio not limited at footwear. With nearly 80 years of business history, Cole Haan continues to deliver on its history of bringing attractively designed and extremely well manufactured shoes for both women and men. The company was founded in 1928 by two men. Trafton Cole and Eddie Haan. Originally the company only manufactured men’s boots and shoes. The company was known for creating shoes and boots for the “dapper gentleman”.

Today they offer a much wider variety of fine leather goods for both men and women. Its portfolio of products consists of both dress and casual footwear, handbags for both men and women, belts, outerwear, gloves, hats, scarves, sunglasses and other small leather goods.

In 1988 the company was acquired by the Nike Corporation. This significant event has led to my changes in their boot and shoe products. With the introduction of “Nike Air” into its footwear, their boots and shoes have taken a significant leap forward in their comfort level.

In the year 2000, the company launched its own merchant website which has gone a long way in promoting the company throughout the world.

Let’s talk fashion, when it comes to the latest fashion trends,they have their finger on the pulse of the fashion world. If you’re the kind of man who likes the great outdoors but also spends hours in the offices, they have styles for you. Are you a woman looking to impress while out on the town or are you looking for a boot that is comfortable and stylish for the office? Either way they deliver. With a wide variety of colors and styles available, you will find exactly what you are looking for.

Cole Haan shoes and boots are manufactured with only the highest quality leather combined with a double stitching process makes Cole Haan’s Boots and shoes one of the most durable footwear products on the market.

Buying Combat Boots

All the leading shoemakers in the country, who specialize in making shoes for the military, also supply the same to the common people. Thus, such footwear is available in most stores in places across the country. Apart from the regular footwear stores, there are many footwear stores on the internet that sell all kinds of combat boots. In this age of internet, it is very easy to purchase footwear from different online stores. In fact, there are many people who prefer purchasing their favorite pair of shoes on the internet.

The popularity of the online stores is mainly due to the fact that it is more convenient buying shoes online. If you want to purchase a new pair of combat boots, all that you will need to do is to find a reliable online store that sells army footwear. You can go through their selection of boots and choose the one that meets your requirements. Most of these sites will offer you multiple methods for making the payment. You can choose from payment options like credit card payment, online bank transfer, debit card payment, PayPal etc.

Some of the shoe stores on the internet also offer an option of cash on delivery. It is a very convenient method of payment and you will only need to pay for the shoes once you receive them. In all other types of payment options, the boots are shipped immediately after the confirmation of the order and the payment is made. In most cases, they will be delivered to you in 3 to 4 business days. Once you make the payment and place and order, you also get the option of tracking the order on the internet. You can do so with the help of the order number.

If you purchase them online you will be able to save a lot of time, effort and even money. There are many legitimate shoe stores on the internet that offer a substantial amount of discounts on all kinds of combat shoes. They usually sell footwear made by all the leading brands like Altama, Mcrae, Wellco and Belleville etc. Thus, you will not have to worry about options to choose from, when you need to buy a new pair of army boots. In order to save money and get such footwear at discounted prices, you should search the internet and look for different offers and promotions.

Bringing Back Handmade

Recent TV personalities such as Mary Portas have certainly made a case for this. Mary’s most recent TV show (The Bottom Line) aimed at kick starting the British manufacturing industry again, promoting home manufacturing rather than outsourcing and mass producing. She explains that this isn’t about paying over the odds for goods, it is just anti the cheap products that compromises ethics, quality and values, “You know what the truth of this is: stop being so greedy. It’s greed and gain that got us into the state this country’s in today”.

As a consumer we are seeing an increased awareness that perhaps cheaper mass produced products come at a cost. Consumers are now leaning towards quality goods, knowing that this is what we as a nation deserve and should strive for.

But how do we go about purchasing unique hand made products? It is true to say that finding little boutiques on the average high street is increasingly difficult. So how do we live out this ideal? It is a fact that online shopping is big news in the UK and gaining in popularity. With this shift in our purchasing habits we have been graced with some great websites where consumers are able to purchase such goods direct from the designers and hobby crafters (such as and

A real trend has also seen the popularity of second hand shops particularly those that promote vintage style. This has really helped boost interest in an era of elegance and quality.

The popularity for vintage style has most certainly grown over recent years. More and more individuals are seeking an alternative way of defining their style and culture. Pushing the boundaries and taking their images back into “vintage decades” they think best reflect them.

The wedding stationery industry is also starting to realise this and where once there were very bland mass produced cards, there now seems to be a demand for something unique, something that reflects the couples style and individualism. Couples want to wow their guests announcing their wedding with style, making theirs stand out from the rest.

Again, the term “vintage” has been a great boost for this industry as more and more designers are beginning to realise that there is more to wedding stationery than just a printed piece of card.

Slowly we are beginning to see wedding stationery evolve into handmade products, where designers use elegant touches such as vintage styled jewelled embellishments, buttons, lace and pearls.

Our passion for an era gone-by has been a great boost to the design industry showcasing British talent and style, encouraging handmade luxury.