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Info Cosplay in Japan

The first cosplay show appeared in 1955 and so-called cosplay was just a game for children to dress up like characters of popular animations in Japan at that time. Several cartoons owned a great popularity among children and roles of them were often played. Although cosplay was a game just for children, their garments for cosplay were quite dainty which required enough money. At that time there was no clothing shop which offered this clothing specially in Japan, so kids needed to get proper design and made clothing in department stores. It is said that the famous game producer Hiroi Oji invited geishas who lived nearby to draw cosplay clothing design for him when he was a boy. The situation continued for twenty years, till the early 1980s. The period is very important to cosplay in Japan as the current ideas of cosplay were shaped during that time.

Though cosplay developed a lot in Japan and attracted more and more people, no formal cosplay performance has appeared. Cosplay fans could only take photos and published them with their own money. As the popularity of cartoons and video games, more and more young people liked these photos and they started many teams to play roles. Later, several activities were carried out and many teams joined. They promoted their nice cosplay photos and did all they could to attract new visitors. The phenomenon was quite amazing. Cosplay began to earn great popularity.

It is said that cosplay is childish in the 1960s and 1970s. The 1980s can be regarded as its time for creating and the 1990s is a period where it began to be mature. In the 1990s the ACV field held several displays on cartoons and comics successfully and they invited many young people to dress up like roles in cartoons and video games to attract more people to attend the displays, which is quite similar to what Disney had done in early times. The conclusion can be made, that is, the start and development of cosplay has much to do the commercialization of ACV. In other word, cosplay is a way for ACV to promote itself and cosplay can develop better with the help of ACV.

Peplum and Pencil Dresses

The pencil dress is the perfect piece for those days you want to mix business and pleasure. With its flattering cut and calf-length skirt, these frocks will give your ensemble a glamorous vintage style. Taking inspiration from Mad Men’s Joan Holloway – the stunning redheaded secretary – this style is sophisticated for the workplace and yet on trend for after hours.

Pencil dresses come in a variety of colours, but the key trend for this fall when it comes to this cut is the Peplum. Giving the style an 80s twist, the peplum is a fun addition that flatters the waist and keeps the trend interesting. They epitomise pin-up glamour, and can be further accessorized with a waist belt if you so wish. Another update to the style corresponds with a look that has been hot for the last few seasons – the embellished collar. No need to worry about adding expensive jewellery, these pieces that employ sequins, ornate beading and stunning metallic tones give your outfit a luxurious feel, yet don’t seem too ostentatious for a professional look.

The peplum trend has caught on like crazy with celebrities clamouring to exhibit their favourite pieces that manage to look fresh and classic at the same time. From Kim Kardashian in her clean, white and minimal peplum top paired with leather leggings, to Kate Middleton in a stunning forest green peplum dress with waist belt and beret accessories, those in the spotlight are aware of how flattering and sophisticated this style is. Swap Kim’s trend led leather for a more classic pair of cigarette pants, and either of these styles would be perfect for the boardroom or the dance floor.

All-Black Outfit

Black Plus Neutrals

When women think about wearing black with another colour, they usually think of combining black with white. This is a strong and often striking combination. A bold graphic black and white patterned scarf or jacket looks fabulous on those with strong colouring and an extrovert personality. For introverts who want to dip into black and white, try subtle patterned black and white shoes or belt or an elegant pearl accessory with an all-black outfit.

Go beyond white to a neutral beige or the skin-tone colours. Shoes or handbag in these shades contrast beautifully and elegantly with black. Consider wearing a soft or leather beige flower brooch to bring light to your face. Black plus beige is great for quiet achievers as well as extroverts who want to show their softer side.

Black Plus Colour

Being a non-colour, black is a perfect background for adding jackets or accessories in any colour. The best colours to wear with it are those that provide a light contrast to the dark black. Jackets and accessories in a matt finish can look a little dull. Go instead for a jacket or accessory with some sheen or shine. Light contrasts that look fabulous with black are pale pink, light turquoise, soft red or silver. You can go subtle in a necklace or earrings with a mixture of black, white and a soft or medium shade of any colour.

Lift the contrast level a little with a medium shade of any colour like medium red, warm or cool purple and medium aqua blue or turquoise green. For extroverts who love high contrast add strong orange, hot pink, red patent shoes or bright yellow to your black outfit to show your confidence and energy.

Non-Aging Black

Black can be very aging and unflattering to some skin tones. As you age, black looks best when your neckline is halfway between the top of your bust and your collarbone. Go as low and as wide as you feel comfortable. If you are wearing clothes with a higher neckline, add a scarf or necklace that has beige, apricot or pink colours. These mimic a healthy skin colour and add lightness to your face.

If your hair is blond, light red, white or grey, wear patterns on the top half of your body that have more white than black in them. The opposite works for darker hair ie more black than white in the pattern. Black is a wonderful background for patterns, especially when the pattern includes colours that create the light and dark contrast mentioned above.

Wear makeup, especially lipstick, when wearing all-black clothing. Your lipstick does not have to be a red colour. Any of the softer, glossy neutral colours work well.

Bridesmaids Look Gorgeous

You can find an extensive catalogue of dresses in various lengths be it ankle, floor, knee to tea length or even short dresses online and in shops nearby. You can check out various sizes, patterns, styles and cuts. You can pick designer dresses that will give a perfect fit and an elite look. Your wedding picture will look just perfect with your bridesmaid’s dressed beautifully.

It is obvious that the bride should look at her very best on her wedding day. However, it is equally important that the bride’s sisters and friends look gorgeous as well. Check out the huge collection and select the size, fabric, style and color of various dresses offered that can be used for multiple occasions.

There are few tips you got to keep in mind while choosing bridesmaid dresses. It was an old trend when bridesmaids use to wear head to toe matching outfits. Now you can mix and match various colors, pick fabrics in combination and contrast. You don’t need to opt for satin always. Pick a fabric which is comfortable. Go for silk chiffon, crepe etc. Ensure that you choose all the dresses on the same lines and use the same fabric.

You can make your friends feel special by allowing them you pick a shade of their choice. If you have a specific color choice, let them select different shades of the same color. For example, if you’re passionate about purple, you can opt for plum, lavender, lilac etc. Ensure that the shade you choose goes well with their complexion. If the wedding has a theme, nothing like it. You can choose a shade according to your wedding theme.

You can also pick simple bridesmaids dresses and enhance the look by accessorizing. You can pick stunning belts, shrugs, satin wraps or use some flowers to add on to the lovely dresses. This will give them a simple and sophisticated look. You can also pair up the dresses with stunning jewellery like studded necklaces, drop earrings or beaded bracelets. This is an easy and elegant way you can customize their outfits and make them feel special.

Try Slouch Socks

They became famous and widely known through aerobics exercise videos that were televised in the eighties. Whether they were pristine white or layered colors in bright or pastel tones, the message was clear, slouch socks are here to stay. These types of socks may not be easy to find today, but they are still available. Most of them are sold in packs of twelve and they are well worth the purchase price.

What makes them so comfortable? This has been a debatable question through the years. Everything from the weave to the count of the cotton can be a factor. This type of footwear is made of eighty percent cotton and twenty percent polyester. This gives them the perfect fit. You can find them in sizes 5-10 and 9-11. Part of what makes the sock slouch is the super heavy grade of cotton and the amount of sock that is woven at the top of the sock. Some are so high you could pull them up to your knees. They are perfect for pressing down to create a fold which is where their name is derived from.

This product is long enough, but you can find even longer ones when you search for extra-long and extra heavy varieties of the product. This type is even heavier and thicker. Such thick socks are very comfortable and give your foot that extra padded feeling which puts a spring in your step. You won’t be poking a hole through these socks any time soon. They are highly durable as well. The seam across the toe is minimal which means your toes will be even more comfortable.

This great footwear product is for more than just fashion. They are the perfect sock to wear if your feet are cold. The thick cotton encases your foot and keeps it warmer than a normal sock. They are perfect to wear with boots. Not only do they keep you warm, but they also protect your foot and cushion it from the normal wear and tear you feel on your feet when you’re wearing boots. You have less of a chance of getting blisters and feel great wearing your boots whenever you want.

Facts Mink Coats

Male vs. Female Mink Pelts

Many people are surprised to discover the difference between a male and female mink pelt. In general a male will have denser fur that can give a coat its fullness and insulating quality, whereas a female will be smaller and lighter. Female pelts are the option for many people due to their high luster and sheen, and the soft silky quality of the fur. Now, a male’s pelt is not necessarily better than a females, or vice versa. It is simply a matter of personal preference between a fuller fluffier coat, or a form fitting glossier one. Each coat should be examined and judged individually, regardless of sex.

Furs in Outdated Styles Can Be Updated

If you inherit a fur that is a decade or more old, its form and style could be stuck in a time period you would like to forget. If great grandmother leaves you her fur in the will, and you know its something you would never wear, consider getting it updated into a more modern look. Working with fur is not much different than working with any other textile, different needles and thread are used, but a fur coat can be easily modified to update a passing fad or an old classic.

There are in fact, quite a lot of options for update, restyle or otherwise modify an inherited coat into a new couture piece to add some pop to your wardrobe. Consider introducing new materials such as leather, microfiber, or knit. The fur could also be used on various other wardrobe pieces. For instance, you are bound to stand out with a custom cardigan or cloth coat with a fur collar. There is no reason to let an inherited coat go to waste. It is very easy to find a furrier who will help you service, condition, or re-purpose your new treasure until you never want to take it off.

Mink Requires Maintenance

If you are considering purchasing a mink garment, understand first and foremost, that it is an investment and should be treated as such. Mink fur is an incredibly resilient material that can last upwards of two decades with proper care. Keep your mink in storage when it is too hot to use. Have your coat cleaned regularly. An experienced furrier will be glad to provide storage and cleaning services for a small fee.

Fair Trade High Fashion

My research shows that there is quiet a movement that has people involved that find a solution to apply skills of local women and men, to wrap fashion conscious women, men, boys and girls in beautiful clothing.

It is an ethical dilemma for many fashion designers: how do they know that their designs are being made under fair labor conditions, when they outsource the production and not subcontracted to other factories that may not meet these standards? To find a solution demands personal engagement and an idealistic stand point.

Organizations are active that are dedicated to improve the lives of these local people, providing jobs, training, health care and accommodation and here with the base of existence.

They take on biggest challenges to train people to understand and deal with the concept of delivery deadlines and international quality standards.
Designing gorgeous designer kids clothes, and complete children seasonal collections, found a market from Australia to the Europe and U.S. The classical look, wonderful colors and immaculate tailoring of exclusive women clothes and stylish men shirts is available for those that do not want to participate in exploiting the tailors in 3rd World Countries but consciously decide that their work entitles them to earn a family’s living and make sure that those people can live from their hands work.

The original reasons for the fair trade fashion is to provide more jobs and ensuring that skills and artisanry does not get lost, which is often locally practiced as a specific style of stitch-work and embroideries. In most cases these will be replaced with solely machine fabricated clothing if fair trade fashion would not exist and finally get lost.

Selling online and present in stores in Australia, USA, Europe and Asia, the fair trade high fashion is for everybody with a conscious and open mind. Wearing exclusive clothing, based on limited edition fabric and knowing that you have contributed to sustain those that made it, will contribute to your feel good factor and you and your kids will look stunning!

Choose the Right Military Boots

There are many different types of combat shoes available in the market. You can choose from a wide variety of designs, color and style. If you are looking for a pair of military shoes that has a classic military look, then you can opt for sage boots. Such footwear is manufactured by all the leading shoemakers such as Mcrae, Altama, Wellco, Belleville etc. Thus, it will not to very difficult for you to find such a pair of footwear. Even if you cannot locate them in any of the regular shoe stores, you will certainly find in some of the shoe stores on the internet.

Depending on your needs and requirements, you will be able to choose from a wide range of combat footwear. Here are a few factors that will help you in making the right choice:

  • Purpose- first of all, you should determine the purpose of buying a new pair of combat shoes. If you are buying them just to be fashionable, then you can choose any of the fancy looking footwear that is available in different colors and designs. However, if you want to use the footwear for traveling to a particular place or indulging in adventurous activities, then you should purchase certain special military shoes. For example, if you are going on a desert vacation, you should opt for desert boots.
  • Budget- the prices of army shoes usually fall within the range of $50 to $600. You should have a clear idea of how much you are willing to spend on them. Based on your budget, you can easily refine your search and come up with a limited number of shoes that meet all your requirements, and are not very expensive. The best made footwear will certainly be a little expensive but they will last long.
  • Comfort- even though fashion and style are important factors in choosing the right army boots, you must also give a lot of importance to the quality and comfort that you get from them. No matter how stylish or fashionable a pair of boots looks, you should never purchase them if you don’t feel any comfort while wearing them. Also, they should be of the right size and should fit you. If you going to purchase them online make sure that you purchase only those shoes that are of the right size for your feet.

Swimsuit Style Guide

  • Bikini – one the most favored types of swimsuits, which is available in a wide-range of colors and cuts. A bikini top is often favored with a pair of board shorts or bikini bottoms. Similar in style to the two-piece bandeau costume, the bikini is able to offer complete freedom to women engaging in water sports. A bikini is one of the more revealing swimsuits and for this reason, is more popular with the younger generation.
  • Tankini – another of the swimsuits that is popular with younger women. Unlike the bikini, this two-piece swimsuit comes with a tank top, which is able to cover the majority of the midsection area, which a lot of women may like the option of doing. It is possible to combine the tankini swimsuit with either a pair of tankini board shorts or standard bikini bottoms.
  • Bandeau – a type of swimwear that can come with either one or two pieces. Bandeau swimsuits are greatly different to the tankini and bikini costumes due to its ability to feature a halter-type top. Compared to the tankini style swimwear, the bandeau is often seen to appear more to the older women, with its ability to give the appearance of a great shape. Bandeau swimwear is strapless in style with fabric gathered and pleated in the middle.
  • Skirted – the skirted swimsuit are highly versatile and noted for its attached skirt. Skirted costumes are very popular with the more mature women who might feel that tankini, bandeau, or bikini type swimwear suits are overly revealing, although anyone can wear this trendy piece of beach wear. A trendy costumer for anyone to wear and one style that is constantly taking more of the market share due to its versatile nature.

Facts Sneakers

  • Sneakers were earlier called ‘plimsoles’ and they first appeared in 1800s. These rubber-soled shoes were called ‘sneakers’ as their sole do not used to make noise when someone walks around while wearing these shoes.
  • These shoes come in different sizes. Special designs are crafted for people with flat feet or high arch. So, one can choose a particular model as per his requirements and enjoy the comfort while moving across smoothly.
  • Sneakers are designed for different sports, keeping in mind the specific requirements of the athletes. They look almost same on the outside, but the inner construction varies as per the sport or physical activity for which they are intended. Walking shoes are completely different from other athletic sneakers. Cross trainers and other style of sneakers have a lot of differences in their make. So before choosing any shoes for you ensure that the particular model is designed for your kind of sport. Choose the perfect shoe designed to solve your purpose.
  • The right kind of shoe would help you avoid injuries while you practice your favorite game. So if you are an athlete and looking for a perfect pair of sneakers meant for your type of sport, choose the right one for you. Know what you want to do with your shoes-walk, run, or play tennis to select the appropriate pair for yourself. Consider your foot type before purchasing the perfect pair, as these shoes come in various styles to suit the needs of the almost everyone. Select a pair considering your arch type to prevent your feet from rolling inward or outward.
  • Take proper care to make your shoes last longer. Clean them regularly and if they get wet, let them dry thoroughly from inside and outside. They are easy to wash and can last longer, if kept properly.
  • Replace your shoes when needed to be in your best shape always and to avoid foot pain and other potential injuries.