Author: Michel Zorkanov

Elegance vs Practicality

Casual men’s fashion is easy. Wearing the right kind of shirt and the right kind of jeans can be easily decided in just a few minutes. After all, you just need to pick what you think is appropriate for the day or which clothes fit you better in terms of personality and preferences. When it comes to one’s formal wear, however, the task is not as easy as it sounds. Why is that so? It’s because formal events require, apparently, a formal look that is non-existent when it comes to your casual wear. That’s what makes choosing formal men’s fashion wear difficult in the first place.

There’s the endless dilemma about which one to prioritize when it comes to men’s fashion formal wear: should one prioritize attractiveness over practicality, or should it be the other way around? Let us discuss what these two have in relation to men’s fashion especially in choosing formal wear.


Practicality in men’s fashion means that you should choose clothing that are appropriate not only for the event, but also for the venue itself? For example, should you wear three-piece vested suits even when you know that the venue is humid? Outdoor weddings, for example, are subject to weather. They could be hot when the sun is up and high, especially during the summer, so it’s obviously non-practical to wear these vested suits to outdoor weddings where it is likely that you’re going to be exposed to the sun. You might become a victim of heat stroke if you don’t put the temperature of the venue on account when choosing your suits or formal wear. That’s the practicality aspect in men’s fashion.


On the other hand, men’s fashion would be a bore when fashionability and elegance is not put into consideration. Otherwise, people would end up wearing clothes that are mismatched to formal events. That’s very awkward. You have to bear in mind that you would have to mix and match colors as well in formal fashion wear for men. Try to wear mismatched wardrobes to formal events and people would think that you don’t have an inkling of an idea about men’s fashion wear. While formal events do restrict your choices for clothes, it doesn’t mean that you cannot or should not exercise a fashion sense when selecting what to wear when you’re attending formal events.

So, which one should you take priority over formal men’s fashion wear? Should it be practicality or attractiveness? It’s best to be able to exercise balance: there should be a balance between both. You are free to pick what clothes you think makes you attractive, but at the same time you have to take into account comfort and, by extension, practicality as well.

Evening Handbags

Evening handbags are small, attractively designed fashion accessories meant to carry your things at evening parties or special occasions. These handbags are made to have enough space for your necessities, like keys, cards, cell phone and make up kits.

You need to follow some simple tips before choosing the right evening bag. It is very essential that you select the proper size of your evening handbag. The most commonly picked is a clutch type, whether boxed or rectangular.

You may prefer small and cute evening bags. However, pick the right size as you need to fit all your things inside. You can also check some round shaped evening handbags as they are more spacious than the rectangular or boxed ones.

You can opt for a shiny silver clutch, which is spacious and very elegant. You can get it in four different colors, black, gold, ivory, and navy. The clutch comes with a silver button on the top.

Try to match the fabrics and add-ons on the handbag and your dress. For example, if your dress is made of satin and laces carry a handbag with crushed satin fabric and some laces to go with your dress. The perfectly matched evening bags look very similar to the dress you wear.

If you are wearing a white evening dress you can grab the pretty floral evening handbag with a pearl arm handle. This bag looks extremely classy and goes well with white or Ivory.

A satin crafted beaded prom handbag is another classy pick that gives you a retro look for your prom night. Another choice is a black rectangular clutch with a sequin satin bow on your little black evening dress; this will surely make your evening. These are available in various shades and sizes.

Petite evening bags is also a good choice. These are the most inspired prom handbags that you’ve had the pleasure of seeing. Covered with sequins, and a shoulder strap that makes it simple to use, this handbag is made with a supple fabric. Sized just right for your prom night, the bag will carry all the essentials. Get this one and you’ll be the envy of the school.

Wellco Boots

Wellco boots can be the best companion for your feet, when you have to take a desert vacation or go on a vacation that will involve adventurous activities. They will be able to protect your feet from heat, humidity, dust, cold and all kinds of difficult weather conditions. Even when indulging in activities like rock climbing, jungle trekking etc. the boots will be able to provide your legs with the flexibility and support required. You will also find them to be very comfortable and flexible. Apart from all these features, these shoes will also improve your style quotient.

The Wellco boots will support, protect and assist your feet in all kinds of conditions. The shoes manufactured by this company are equipped with different types of innovative technologies that protect your feet and ankles from heat, cold, humidity and dryness. If you are someone who lives in an area where there is a lot of rainfall, then you can opt for the waterproof footwear from Wellco. Such footwear has been designed to keep the feet dry and protected from the humidity and water. In spite of getting wet in the rain, the shine and luster of your shoes will not fade away too easily.

There are some other technologies present in different Wellco Boots that make them oil resistant, flame resistant, and cold resistant, microbe resistant and so on. Based on your requirements and preference, you can choose a pair of shoes that are equipped with any of the available technologies. Apart from these options, you will also have the option to choose from a wide range of boots that are of different color, design, style and are made of different types of materials. Regardless of the footwear that you choose, you will be able to get outmost comfort, flexibility, durability and style.

Quality Climbing Shoes

You need different resources for climbing. One of the most important things is a pair of good climbing shoes. We’ll explain to you why you need to have good climbing shoes for your climbing activity..

It’s foolish to believe that shoes are like other kinds of shoes. They have certain design and specs. When you’re on a climbing spree, you need maximum assistance of your feet, and these shoes ensure that your feet stay relaxed during your adventure. Consequently, the standard of shoes becomes the most important thing to think about while buying climbing shoes. It is a sensible move to obtain a set of high quality shoes that may go on for a long time.

Climbers often go on different types of routes. Some climbing routes are extremely bumpy and irregular while some others have really poor weather. If you have a pair of powerful climbing shoes, then it will work on all kinds of routes. Yet sturdy shoes will have higher prices. If you are purchasing a shoes for only a single trip, then you can opt for cheap range.

As stated earlier, climbing shoes are very critical for your safety. Hence, you need to invest your time and efforts in searching for right shoes. If you plan to go on an uneven path, then pick your shoes keeping that in mind. If you have picked a route with unpredictable climate, then go for shoes that won’t let you slip away in damp conditions.

Climbing shoes are available in classy designs. Each year, you will find new and stylish climbing shoes in the market. Nevertheless, you shouldn’t pay attention to style only. If you are a fashion lover, then you can choose shoes that provide both quality and style. In case you neglect quality, then you will be making a big mistake. It is advisable to think about safety first and then about trend and style.

Expert rock climbers also prefer shoes that give them comfort and support for years. Actually, some people would insist on wearing only a particular pair of shoes for all of their trips. They do this because they feel comfortable in particular shoes. This could also help in saving money.

Skin-Tone Colours

Skin-tone colours for women with European heritage include the colours of beige, champagne, very soft pink and apricot. If you have darker coloured skin, your colours are medium to solid brown and blacks.

These colours are dangerous in fitted or semi-fitted styles. They look fantastic up close when you are looking at yourself in the change room mirror dressed in these colours. You get the same reaction when you are standing close to someone else dressed in these colours. Women dressed in skin-tone colours in magazines look fabulous most of the time.

The problem comes with distance and background. Other people see you stepping out of a car, across the room, in a doorway or across the street. The further away you are from them, the less they can see the difference between your skin and your skin-coloured top. You can appear to be naked on the top half of your body. People will shake their heads and look twice at you.

The same thing can happen when you stand or speak in front of walls that are close in colour to the colour of your skin or you have family photos or publicity shots taken against these backgrounds. The result can be very embarrassing and upsetting when you finally see the photos.

Take out any of your bras in beige, apricot, pink, pale pink or dark brown, depending on your skin colour. Put it on and stand as far away from a mirror as possible. There is a very good reason these colours are called skin-tone.

Break up the flat surface of the colour. Find tops or dresses with texture like large frills that are very obvious. Small textured details will blend in from a distance. Find a top or dress that mixes the skin-tone colour with one or more other colours or patterns, especially over your bust area.

A jacket in any of these colours is not a problem if it is worn over another colour and you can see that colour or pattern down the middle of your body. A skin-tone jacket, trench coat or modern coat really draws attention to your face and makes your whole being shine confidently.

Buy a handbag or shoes in one of the colours that match or blend with your skin. They are a summery look and provide a wonderful contrast to dark colours any time of the year. Skin-tone shoes or boots make your legs look longer and slimmer. Do not wear matching shoes and handbag together. It is not a modern look. Wear one or the other as a standout feature.

Look for a skin-tone coloured scarf to make your face appear brighter and healthier. Buy a beige-coloured necklace strand and wear it with your choice of any colour pendant. From a distance it will be the pendant that stands out. Mix a neutral coloured beaded necklace with black or dark-coloured beads for a dramatic effect.

Stylish Shorts for Men

The shorts in his range eliminate the perennial problem men in all walks of life have every summer and on every holiday in the sun. This is: what shorts can they wear that make them look stylish and avoid the Boy Scout hiker look? They reflect form and function in an effortless way that combines utility, elegance and utmost simplicity in a design of character. In fact very little has changed over the eighty odd years since the clothing range was born.

The Lacoste company was formed in partnership between Rene and Andre Gillier, who was then the owner and president of the largest French knitwear manufacturer in the country. It was shirts, rather than shorts that were the first items to be manufactured. These were more in the form of a type of tennis shirt that was revolutionary as it was inspired by Lacoste’s meteoric sporting career. The shirt became an overwhelming success. Naturally, the label then expanded to embrace other forms of clothing, applying the same principles of design and elegance, all in combination with embracing the function of the shirt rather than just a piece of cloth that looked good.

It was never going to stop there and Lacoste went on to design a range of shirts for other sports such as sailing and golf. By taking away the unnecessary embellishments, wealthy sportsmen around the world began to see the label as a status symbol. The clothing was an instant hit with such people who would also lead a lifestyle with more leisure and thus were in need of these items.

Choose Comfortable Shoes for Kids

How would you know that your kid requires a new pair of shoes? There are many ways by which you can know whether you need to purchase the latest footwear for your kid or not. Some of these simple rules to be followed are checking the heel of your child’s feet when he or she wears the shoes. If his or her heel rubs against the back of the shoe, it indicates that the shoes are too small to wear. It indicates that it’s time to go to a footwear store for purchasing shoes for your little one. Also, try to find out whether the toe is rubbing against the end of the shoes. If it happens, it indicates that your child require a new pair of shoes. Look at the bottom of the shoes to find if there are any holes in the sole or the sole is peeling off. All these conditions give you an indication that you need to purchase a new pair of shoes for your child.

Tips for purchasing the footwear for your child: If you realize that your child now needs a bigger size of shoes, you must keep in mind some simple points to purchase the right kind of shoes for him or her. Just check out the present size that your kid was wearing to get one size bigger than this, if you’re shopping alone. However, it would be beneficial if you can take your kid with you to the footwear store. Ask him or her to try the different sizes and purchase the one that fits snugly onto his or her feet. Check the width and length of the shoes so as to get the right size for your child. Ensure that your child is wearing socks when you take him or her to a footwear store. If you wish, you can go to kids’ footwear stores, as the sales people there would help you find the best fitting shoes for your child.

Protect Hair And Scalp This Summer

In the summer, the sun beats down on your scalp and hair and can cause damage such as sunburn to your scalp or dry and brittle hair. Using an umbrella is a great way to keep your scalp from burning, or your hair from sun damage, but it can be unweildly. That is why many women will wear a cap or head scarf in the summer to protect their hair and scalp from the sun.

You may be thinking, “A hat in the summer? Won’t that make me hotter?”

In fact, wearing a hat or other head cover will actually make you cooler. It will stop the burning rays of the summer sun from heating up your head.

Now, obviously, a black angora wool hat is not the ideal head cover for the summer weather. A lightweight cap made of cotton or a thin headscarf with lurex are much better options. Light colored head coverings, such as a white Israeli tichel, tan pre-tied bandana or pastel colored kufi hat are much better that dark black, navy or brown head coverings as darker colors absorb heat. In addition, natural fibers such as straw, linen, or cotton will allow your scalp to breathe, and not sweat. In addition, if you are going to be in a sunny spot, a hat with a brim or visor will have the added benefit of protecting your face as well.

If a hat or scarf are not your style, you can also use a wide headwrap or wide headband to cover a good portion of your scalp.

Another way to stay cooler on top this summer is to keep the hair off your neck. There are so may stylish ways to put your hair up in a bun or pony. Keeping the hair off your neck will definitely keep you feeling much, much cooler this summer.

Men Wear Leggings?

Many garments in fashion are often branded as only for women to wear or deemed feminine. However, over the years garments have developed and there is no longer a huge divide in what can be worn by either men or women.

Although many see leggings as simply a gym wear garment, ranges have developed on the high street that are most definitely fast fashion items and can be worn for everyday wear.
The question is that if it is acceptable for men to wear sporty leg wear in the gym, why is not acceptable for them to wear leggings on a day to day basis.

As societies have developed, the transgender community has become more freely accepted thus meaning it is not seen as unnatural for men to be seen in women’s clothing.

This being said, it is questionable whether leggings are even labelled as women’s clothing. There is no doubt that hosiery is often associated with just females when really many men choose to wear tights. However, because of gym and fitness wear leg wear on men is often seen on a day to day basis.

Leg wear can take many different structures in design and this may be where the problem lies when considering the male usage. Often leggings can be skin tight on certain areas and this may be why some people feel they are only suited to the female form.

However, this is not to say that all leg wear takes a body con style. Many brands such as Jonathan Aston stock woollen leggings which are perfect for winter and can be worn by both males and females.

The leggings trend resides from the eighties era when fitness wear was deemed acceptable as everyday wear with celebrities such as Olivia Newton John popularising the trend. The popularity of Jane Fonda’s workout videos also contributed to the growing trend of neon bright fitness wear. This era may be to blame for why many people do not accept leggings as stylish fashion in today’s society. However leg wear has developed since this era and printed leggings are becoming more and more popular as they interpret the vivid prints that have been seen on all London, Paris, New York and Milan fashion catwalks for years. Whilst prints come in and out of fashion, the actual design of leggings remains throughout seasons. This season key prints are dogtooth and galaxy and they can be seen on leggings, as well as other garments, across the high street and available from online retailers.

Spot Vintage Dresses

Vintage versus a Reproduction

First of all, consider that there are many positive factors related to opting for a reproduction. Since the styles from past eras have experienced a surge in popularity, many companies have dedicated themselves to creating beautiful options made with the look of vintage dresses, but designed from modern fabrics.

Some of the advantages of buying pieces in this way include more convenient sizing. Over the years, clothing sizes have changed, so that if you buy a piece that’s truly vintage, it can be difficult to know if it will fit correctly without trying it on first.

Also, if you’re interested in these types of dresses primarily because of the way that they look instead of the potential monetary value attached to them, reproductions are well worth a look. They are often much less expensive than true vintage dresses, but have the same impressive style that so many people have come to know and love throughout the years.

How to Know if it’s Vintage

One of the easiest ways to check for the authenticity of vintage dresses is to look at the tag inside. The garment tags will often display the name of the designer, along with the year that the piece was made. Also, if a dress is USA made and a union member in the United States made the piece, you might notice a blue and white tag along with the main tag. However, don’t be alarmed if you don’t find care instructions on the tag, because these were not required until the 1970s.

It’s also easier to recognise vintage clothing once you’ve studied about the trends of a particular time period. For example, vintage dresses were often tailor-made for a particular person, so they were sewn by hand, instead of with a machine. If you notice slight differences throughout the stitching, that’s a good indication that the garment was crafted by hand. Also, beginning in the 1950s, narrow armholes were very much in vogue for the next twenty years or so.

These small, yet important details give distinction to vintage dresses and can help you gain some background about a piece before you decide to call it your own. Whether you ultimately decide to buy a truly vintage piece, or a reproduction, you’re sure to love the result, which is a unique and eye-catching dress.