• Shop smart
    When it comes to shopping, the French ace at this affair. They know better than to splurge on multiple items just to fill their wardrobes to create a variety. So instead of splurging on low-quality or mark-down items, the French selectively choose a dozen of good-quality, indispensable wardrobe items each year. Quality over quantity is the key.
  • Know what works, and stick to it
    The French know what styles work best on them early in their life, and they flaunt it. Playing it safe you might say, but think of all the occasions you tried on a new look and walked out of the house looking like a fashion disaster!
  • Do not succumb to the trends
    Women in Paris will not just wear what celebrities or magazines tell them they should wear. Instead, they wear clothes that speak their style and fit their personality. Why follow the trend when you can personalize your own signature style?
  • Simplicity is divine
    French women do not pile on accessories, they pick one signature piece that will accent their look for the day and that’s that. Be it a pair of earrings or a classic necklace, rarely both. Just remember, you don’t want to be walking down Champs-Elysees like a marching band with multiple bangles, charms and what have you not.
  • Every detail counts
    French ladies never look unpolished. They manage and account for every little detail. Their nails are always short and well-manicured, hair is always soft and neat and make-up is simple and not too over-the-top. Details, details, details…
  • Dress like a paparazzi’s subject
    Regardless of whatever reason you’re in the streets for; be it running out to get some milk or heading home from the gym, always look your best. Gym suits, sweat pants, nylon jacket etc. does not exist in Paris, well, at least to the beautiful French women that is.