As the season changes, so does the weather, and strappy vests coupled with shorts just aren’t enough in the crisp breeze. Add rain into the equation, and it becomes clear we really need a new wardrobe. Do we really have to do away with our summer wardrobe? Of course not. In fact, for those of us who are less favourable towards the colder seasons may find that keeping their summer colours keeps their mood high.

When choosing the perfect autumn jacket, its all about the colour. Make a statement by choosing strong colours. A coral shade, electric blue, or a red jacket will make you stand out from the crowd. If you prefer a subtle look, opt for neutrals: nudes and light browns are seasonal while still flattering and can compliment most outfits. This autumn, retailers have a beautiful selection of colourful ladies’ jackets to suit us all.

Black is always a popular choice as we progress to winter; in fact, it is timeless. If, like me, you found a few pounds creep in from nowhere while you took your summer holidays, black will also create a slimming illusion, as it always does. However, for those of us still praying the summer wasn’t over, greys can be just as flattering and give a softer appearance.

Choosing your style is just as important. Fitted jackets can be very flattering, sophisticated and smart, and can even create curves on the petite figure, whereas a looser, slouch-style or boyfriend-style can appear much more casual. Consider where and when you will be wearing your new purchase.

How often do you plan to wear your jacket? If it is for everyday wear, choose something that compliments everything. Every item of clothing in your wardrobe should be seen as an investment, and a good jacket should be a garment that you can enjoy time and time again, which matches your style, and lasting for the duration.