Levis Vintage Clothing Recreates Past Decades

The Levi’s Vintage line provides clothing and items that come from different time periods. Each of their items replicates a certain color, fabric, fit, character, and flair in a specific era. It is one of the goals of the clothing line to bring back the old American Tradition while retelling the brand’s time-honoured story. Some of the common items that are available from this collection include striped tees, chunky cardigans, baseball shirts, roll neck sweaters, soft henleys, and collared shirts. Aside from this, they also have a collection of vintage denim. This classic line features denim products from head to toe including jeans, shorts, jackets, vests and as well as shirts.

Getting the Vintage Levis Look Right

Levi’s will never be the same without having vintage Levi denim and/or a vintage Levi trucker jacket. As well as this, their vintage Levi’s shorts will definitely never fall out of style. The denim jacket of Levi’s is so versatile making it a must have item for your wardrobe. This is why there is no reason for people not to buy items that will remain in style for many years to come. Although the cut and the design of the shorts vary from time to time, the staple cut off type of shorts will always remain the same.

Using vintage styling can be very tricky whether you are using a genuine antique find or even a brand new vintage inspired item. One of the important things that people should remember in using styles from other time periods is never mix designs from different eras in just a single look or outfit. So if the chosen period is the 50s-inspired look with Audrey Hepburn as a fashion icon, then it would be best to stay with the 50s motif and make use of items such as broaches, ballet flats and flicked black eyeliner.

Blending Past Decades With The Present

The only exception to this is that you can also try to use a vintage look and combine it with a modernized design. The black leather biker jacket of Levi’s can be styled in many different ways that can adapt to both present and past trends in fashion. It can be paired with a simple tee, dark distressed jeans and as well as trendy biker boots such as those from Steven Madden. This delivers a very stylish and casual throwback look that is edgy and cool. Aside from this, the same Levi’s jacket and boots can also be worn on top of a white summer dress to produce a very unique and dashing look that pays tribute to the old biker appeal, but still staying very feminine.