Behind the high-turnover companies that manufacture the luxury brands, are well-paid, proficient marketing teams. With the support of such elite marketing professionals, it becomes an easy task for manufacturers of luxury brands to understand the consumption psychology of an average customer. With such a level of expertise, the cravings, and appetites for quality products, that you and I cannot curtail quickly get exploited. The bird wants to feed; however, the hunter knows the bird’s favorite food and uses precisely that to lure the bird into a trap.

Upon walking into a fashion retail store, the premium products – of the best possible quality, are always the first items to catch your attention. With the undeniable quality of these premium products on display, one is likely to brush aside every form of constraint, even at the expense of subsequently servicing a credit card for several months after the purchase.

Fashion on Ssense has become a good avenue for sourcing quality clothing from luxury brands. Now the question to ask is: “what attributes make the products sold by Ssense seen as a luxury; does it have to do merely with a price, or even customer taste?”

Price can be a Show of Class

Well, a careful assessment of the quality of expensive brands has shown that many of their products are not necessarily better than their far cheaper counterparts. The irrational shopping trend of consumers reveals the potentials of the powerful branding tools deployed by the marketing teams of these luxury manufacturers. One of the tricks utilized is the maintenance of product exclusivity through the brand name or trademarks; to explain better, rarely will you come across a TV commercial advertising a Gucci belt, Balenciaga top, or Versace fez.

Rash shopping decisions fueled by bad financial habits have made consumer debt a trend that is commonplace in American society. It is easy to infer what the spending habits of people have been over the years. The opinion conferred by brand manufacturers on consumers is that their products are exclusive in quality. That is, the quality of a cheap product is inferior to that of a luxury item; that serves a similar purpose. A website designer will build a website from scratch with the same efficacy with a cheap Hewlett Packard as that of an expensive MacBook Pro.

Expensive Brands and Authenticity

However, one thing that cannot take away from most luxury brands is their authenticity. Due to the high taste of the broad spectrum of their patrons, luxury brands pay great attention to details in the manufacture of their products. For this sole reason, luxury products could, in the long run, be a significant investment. If the product is a limited edition, the item is likely to fetch a higher price on the pre-use market, at a later time.

The status identity that luxury products confer on consumers, their long lifespan, makes them the desire or any shopper. Still, it is not impossible to find cheaper brands of equal quality – however, lacking in glamour and exclusivity. Also, checking your compulsive buying might even assist in getting a better deal for an expensive but quality product during off-seasons.