Firstly, Asia’s ex-leading fashion trendsetter has introduced, if not made better, some of the most fashionable ladies’ blouses and dresses for quite some time. It is only natural that they would run out of ideas after taking such a long lead. Therefore, Korea took this opportunity to snatch the lead from Japan after its fashion creativity has run dry.

Secondly, it could be due to the surge in popularity of Korean pop groups which has led to their fashion success. As you all might know, popular pop groups usually set the latest trend as they are the frontline of the entertainment scene and would have to dress uniquely to identify themselves. You have probably heard much about the latest Korean pop groups such as Big Bang, Super Junior and Girl’s Generation (SNSD). All these pop groups are now the most talked about in the entertainment world. And since they are such hot topics, it is no wonder that people would want to imitate their idols and would therefore dress similarly to their idols. I believe that this is the most crucial point which led Korea to overtake the latest Asian trend.

As a fashion advisor, I usually advise my clients to have a closer look at the fashion in Asia. The apparel in Asia look more appealing to the eyes and the range of apparel are close to unlimited. I love how Asians express their creativity through fashion. For clients who have doubted my advice, I would buy them a nice piece of apparel from the latest Korean fashion. After wearing the apparel I bought them, most of them would be in awe at how a piece of clothe could bring out so much in them.