The padded bikini is not only stylish, but it is also practical attire for activities on the beach, such as sunbathing, or taking a dip in the sea. For those not familiar with buying this sort of bikini, a good course of action is to turn to luxury brands that already have the current fashion trends covered and good quality materials to boot. By investing in a padded bikini by a reputable brand, you can be confident that you are getting good value for the money you are paying. It is worth paying a higher price if you can be reassured that the most creative designers had an input into the patterns and cut of the bikini as well as fabric that will give your body support in the right places.

You may want to go straight to high end designer labels that offer a swimwear collection. For example, Missoni have string bikinis with a padded top that looks great with their iconic and distinctive prints in a range of colours. Be daring by wearing a bright green padded bikini! You will definitely stand out from the crowd. Sometimes, just knowing that your swimming costume is made by a respected fashion house can boost confidence as it makes you feel empowered due to the coveted brand, striking designs and expensive material used. Swimwear choice is a very personal decision and as such, it helps to reflect a woman’s personal sense of style.

Alternatively, women can decide to wear a padded bikini from a brand that specialises in beachwear. Heidi Klein offers a wide variety of clothes and accessories aimed at people trying to pack a holiday wardrobe for their vacation. Furthermore, Heidi Klein also stocks padded bikinis in lots of styles and designs, giving plenty of choice to women wanting to look chic and elegant at the seaside. For instance, the halter neck, bandeau, one piece and wide strap bikinis are just a few examples of the style of bikini they sell. The colour and prints on the padded bikinis are quite diverse in their designs. Some are plain in colour as a classic black or white bikini never goes out of fashion. However, there are other more detailed and unique patterns where women can pick swimwear to show off their body and sartorial decisions. Popular designs include bows and stripes. There are also brightly coloured bikinis in red, orange and pink to add glamour to an outfit for the beach or swimming pool. Floral prints are also available from Heidi Klein.