The first step in choosing the perfect suit is deciding on the fabric. It needs to be versatile throughout the seasons, and be comfortable as well as hard wearing. High-quality worsted wool blends are a popular and versatile choice. Try to avoid blends with a large amount of polyester as this can cheapen the look of suit and make it uncomfortable to wear. Be sure to crinkle the fabric to ensure it does not remain crinkled, as you want a fabric that will bounce back throughout the day.

The colour, and pattern are equally as important as the material, as they can go a long way to how the suit looks, and how the suit makes you appear. Black, navy and gray suits are all popular and classic colours, as are pinstriped or plain patterns. If you do opt for a pattern, ensure that the patterns line up on the seams of the shoulders and lapels, and ensure that the pattern is one that will flatter your body shape.

Choose a style of jacket that will suit your shape and fit comfortably. The single breasted jacket is a classic style, or you also have the option of double breasted and button-to-collar jacket styles. You will also need to consider the preferred length of the jacket, as some prefer short and cropped style jackets, whereas others prefer a long, below the hips style.

It very much depends on personal preference and what is most comfortable as to whether you opt for a skirt suit, trouser suit, or a three piece suit (interchangeable skirt, trousers and jacket).

If opting for trousers, choose a style that will flatter your height and shape. Remember pleats in trousers are dressier and roomier, and flat-front trousers are slimming. Uncuffed trousers will elongate the legs, and cuffed legs are more formal. Consider the size of heels, if any, that you plan to wear with the suit, and take a pair of shoes with the same heel size with you when trying the suit on, to ensure the trousers fall at the right length with the shoes.