Pear Shaped – for a pear-shaped woman it is best to avoid the more clingy type pencil skirts as these often attract attention to the thigh and hip area. Instead an A-line long skirt is able to give a more attractive look with its ability to fit snugly at the waist area but is able to skim over the hip area. Also, a full-skirt also offers a great fit with it skimming the hips to provide a nice balance to the body. Aim to avoid the skirts that are either gathered or full at the hip, such as tulip-type skirts and peplum skirts as these have the potential to draw attention the hip area, and make you appear wider.

Hourglass Shaped – it helps with this body shape to go with styles which are tapered slightly less in the hemline. A pencil skirt can look great provided that it is able to hug the curves, rather than squeeze. A high-waist skirt is often able to highlight the waist area and break up the longer body if on the tall side.
Apple Shaped – if a larger sized stomach area sees to dictate the style of clothing worm than it might benefit to search out the skirts with a flat front and side fastenings, as this helps with limiting unnecessary bulk at the waist-line. A particular style to suit the apple shape includes the skirts with inverted pleats which start below the stomach area, which helps with drawing attention from the waist area.

Boyish Shaped – for those in need of creating an illusion of more feminine curves, a tulip styled skirt might benefit. A skirt of this nature is designed so that it gathers at the waist and as it moves down the body towards the knees it gets narrower. Some of the fashionable peplum skirts also work great due to the added feminine frills for creating curves, while some of the full skirts with front-positioned pockets can also look great.