• Color-Block
    This combination of bold colors is so cheerful and chic. It makes such an incredibly stylish statement with bright and vivid hues without being the least bit tacky (unless of course, that’s what you’re going for.) Designer’s use of this trend has shown us just what it can do to liven up a piece of clothing, but you can also custom color block your outfits on your own. Match a bright top with a neutral bottom, adding a jacket or accessories of complimentary colors.
  • Ombre
    This trend is named after a French word of the same spelling that means, “shaded.” The shading can be identified by one color that gracefully transitions into another. You’ve seen this style in clothes patterns and nail decorations, but I think it is best known for its representation in hair. I first noticed the ombre on Khloe Kardashian and I instantly fell in love. It looked so free and natural on her long, pretty hair and I immediately wanted to copy her.
  • Sheer Tops
    When I see woman in a sheer, button-down top I think “classy,” “professional,” and “elegant.” When it’s paired with shorts or skinny jeans in a more casual look, I think “ingenious.” These tops are so versatile, adding a bit of class to even the most avant-garde outfits.
  • Maxi Skirts
    There is so much movement in this style of skirt; it makes even the clumsiest walker look like they have more grace in their step. The style is something reminiscent of early seventies hippie fashion. Paired with a loose tank and the right sandals, you will feel as free and laidback as you look.
  • Peek-a-Boo Leopard Print
    I can’t really justify my love for leopard print. I think it has always just been a curious attraction that I, as well as most girls, have but can’t explain. I mean, I don’t really have the personality that goes with animal prints in general, but if I see a pop of leopard print in an outfit, I go crazy for it. This pattern has always spoken to me as being a little “bad ass.” Revealing subtle hints of it, in just the right amounts can make an outfit stand out.