Hi vis jackets are in the second class together with waistcoats. They are designed with non reflective and reflective strips. This makes it easy to see someone wearing this kind of jacket from way off. It’s important to choose a jacket meeting all legal requirements. It will not make one uncomfortable and you’ll still be able to make the usual movements with all body parts.

People working in the fire department and emergency workers situated outdoors also wear high visibility jackets.

Requirements related to high visibility jackets include: environmental conditions, color visibility, fabric, design, materials and background color. Some of these jackets are designed for daytime use while others are specifically for the night. Wearing these jackets will reduce by far the chance of the occurrence of accidents as other people will be able to notice someone wearing this jacket from a long distance hence approach with care. The same design is used for the night and day jackets.

There are different designs for both genders. You’ll also have a wide color range to choose from. Some jackets will also come with a hood for rainy environments or also cold days or nights.

The reason why it is important to use highly visible and reflective materials is because sometimes the outdoor environment has reduced lighting impairing vision. Visibility in outdoor locations can be reduced by snow, heavy rain, smog, smoke and fumes. There is less visibility in the morning hours, evenings and the night too.

High visibility jackets are designed in different ways to meet all weather conditions. There is a wide variety of jackets to choose from be it stylish designs, warm jackets for cold environments, innovative fabrics, fleece lining and also water resistant jackets in the event that you need to work in the rain.

The high visibility jackets are also of different brands that are readily available and so you can choose a jacket designed by your favorite manufacturer so as to meet your taste and preference. Most of the manufacturers are certified and hence meet the legal specifications. It is also good to find out the brands that meet all standards to avoid being on the wrong side of the law.