The boat shoes made by Sperry from before and up until recently are the highest quality you could find in stores. They are unique and distinctive not just because of their quality, but mainly because of the authentic original topsider connotation attached to every pair of shoes.

This fact is supported by the kind of status symbol attached to the person wearing them. If a certain brand has an official tie and attachment to the United States Naval Academy, it’s no secret that the same brand is at the top of the tops and is the cream of the crop.

The founder, Paul Sperry, never thought of producing or designing something that would eventually become a global icon in fashion. For him, it was simply about conceptualizing something that would help him get the right stability and safety when on a deck.

The idea of making a pair of perfect boat shoes was of course born out of the instinct and love of being a yachtsman. At that particular moment where he observed his pet spaniel’s paws had the amazing ability to stabilize the balance of the dog on slippery ice, he took it as an inspiration for his prototype boat shoes.

Today, Sperry shoes are more than just a tradition. They have become more like a certain way of life. In the classic American fashion sense, they are always there. In the modern sense of style meanwhile, they are still there, and that is without a doubt what an icon should be.

We’re actually not just talking about a pretty decent pair of boat shoes, since the name now covers practically all casual footwear needs and the best examples of the product line are listed below together with their brief details:

Sperry Bluefish Boat Shoe for Women

The Topsider Bluefish from Sperry are one of those casual pairs that you will certainly feel like wearing even in during summer. For this boat shoe, the nautical inspiration and style is always best complimented with warm weather. The pair offers a contrast stitching and mesh panel for added comfort and breathability.

Meanwhile, the rubber-made out sole provides that much-needed traction and durability for any surface, such as boats and around pools. The leather upper is quite flexible but at the same time you are always able to extend and improve your sense of style with various casual outfits and clothing combinations.