In the early 19th century is when gilets for women really started to begin to gain popularity. It was then that dressmakers began designing bodices to resemble a man’s gilet, or waistcoat. From there it was open season for lots of different styles, variations, and types of gilets for women. In fact, chances are you either own now, or have owned before a gilet of your own. Even though gilets can be high fashion additions to your wardrobe, they don’t have to be high cost. If you do a little searching you can find loads of very fashionable and/or functional cheap gilets for women. It could be said that one could own a gilet for every season, occasion, and style imaginable. With all of the different types of gilets for women available in department stores and online every day, it’s easy to see why.

Perhaps you are looking for a way to keep your core warm in the winter. Padded gilets, and faux fur gilets are a great way to add a little touch of style to your outfit while helping to keep your body warm. There are types of gilets that come in all sorts of lengths and styles. Gilets for women can be found anywhere from waist high to knee length. Imagine a nice fuzzy padded gilet at knee length complimenting your outfit without hiding, all while keeping you nice and toasty. Sound pretty nice, right? Well, you are not alone in thinking so.

If you take a look, you can see photos and interviews of celebrities sporting their own styles and types of gilets. Men and Women will use a gilet, or vest, to add a bold statement to any outfit using color, patterns, or fabrics. Truthfully, there’s virtually no limit to the versatility of the gilet. Not to mention gilets for women can sometimes have just slightly tapered sides to accent a woman’s feminine figure. Padded gilets are great for adding to your layers when you go skiing, or hiking.

Even cyclists will wear windbreaker styles of gilets with open mesh backs to allow for airflow. Maybe, you prefer your bikes with engines. In that case, nice rugged leather gilet might be more your style. Whether it’s gilets for women or men, sports or outdoors, function or fashion; you can almost never go wrong with the properly selected gilet. With the seemingly infinite number of variations and types of gilets available for so many different and wide-ranging uses; how could you possibly find fault with this timeless piece of fashion awesomeness?