Jumpsuits are designed to be worn during the colder months and are usually made with a zipper that runs through the back. For the foot part, a rubberized material is used to prevent it from being slippery. And while these types of apparel come in several different materials, the two most common are flannel and fleece. Most people prefer the type that is made of flannel because unlike fleece, flannel does not easily lose its softness even after several washes. Some prefer fleece saying that the material feels more comfortable than flannel to the skin, but a major disadvantage with fleece is that it easily picks up animal hair.

The original jumpsuits are actually not pajamas but garments that snap at the baby’s crotch area. And if you’re wondering where the term originated, this is actually the brand name given to the said style of apparel. It was one of the best innovations in terms of infant apparel because it made life easier for parents. Today, these come in a variety of styles, and both the ones made for adults and babies usually come with hoods that are designed to offer extra warmth and comfort during the colder months. Some also come with side pockets and a flap at the back portion, which is clearly designed for babies who are in the potty training stage.

The apparel for adults are now often referred to as jumpsuits. There are those designed to look like bigger versions of baby one-piece pajamas, and there are those that look like overalls that are intended to be utilitarian garments. These have even become a fashion trend nowadays! Designers found a way to customize the jumpsuit by adding glitter and updating the style every now and then to make them appear more fashionable. And even if you think otherwise, these have started to become a trend among famous celebrities and are definitely something worth a try.