To avoid freezing, it’s important to keep yourself covered. This doesn’t mean, however, that you can’t get away with wearing a slinky dress. On the contrary, a slinky dress can look just as good when accompanied with a flirty shawl to wrap up in, or a shrug. To keep your lower half warm, make sure your dress is either floor-length, or short but worn with a pair of sleek tights in black or skin tone.

Autumn and winter tones should be subdued: black, dark blues, deep purple, dark reds and browns. These look great set against pale skin.

Accessorise with heavy jewellery and lots of sparkle.

Trouser and Top Combinations

If invited to a party where trousers will be considered appropriately formal attire, you’re not at any risk of getting cold.

Black trousers are best as they are so easy to combine with a top, and make for a classic classy look. Both fitted and wide leg styles can look gorgeous teamed with the right top, and high waistlines are a modern touch.

For the top half, choose a low cut top in a statement fabric such as silk or velvet in a dramatic colour such as emerald green for a nice contrast to the simple trousers. Sequined blouses look equally fabulous.

Still feeling a tad chilly? Throw on a fitted blazer to complete the look and ensure you stay warm.

If you can pull it off, where this look with red lipstick for added pzazz.


Making an impressive entrance is one of the most fun moments of attending a party. While in the summer this is easily done by showing off some leg or revealing a tanned decolletage, in the autumn and winter fashion season, this is made a little more difficult due to the necessity of having to wear a coat. Unfortunately, we’re not all in a position to arrive at a party in a toasty, chauffeur-driven car!

You’re sure to be noticed if you arrive wearing a fur or fake fur coat with a big collar, or a cape. These are among the most glamorous fabrics and are also sure to do the job of keeping you warm well.