The 60’s seems too retro, the 70’s that bit too depressing, and the 90’s (need I mention the state of a pre-comeback Take That wardrobe). The 80’s for some reason fits perfectly and is a classic era for fancy dress and shows absolutely no sign of slowing down in popularity. If one was to look around a nightclub, or scan the masses of people queuing outside one, it would be highly expected to see at least one person dressed (bucket hat and all) like a member of Salt-n-Pepa, The Bangles, or at least Duran Duran. This is not because such a scene was taking place in 1984, neither is it because dressing like your pre-adolescent parents has suddenly come into fashion. It is in fact because 80’s costumes are hugely popular with anybody who has caught even a whiff of the words ‘fancy dress’.

It is hard to think why an era that brought about such fashion blunders as the side ponytail and Adam and the Ants is now considered common practise on a night out, but it cannot be denied that when dolled up in neon and flares, inside all of us there is possibly a diva just aching to get out (unless your name is Pete Burns, in which case the diva is already very much out). Nevertheless, the bright colours and outlandish garbs that make up an 80’s costume are bound to get even the squarest of folk trying on their dancing shoes, and whether a child of the 80’s or not, the music and clothing will no doubt give a sense of happy nostalgia like no other. There are some fashion decisions that will always make us shudder (tie dye for example), but never will overused neon accessories be frowned upon, and never will 80’s fancy dress costumes die out.

Fancy dress has always been a great way for a party to have an extra buzz or a night out to have that little bit of added ‘fun factor’, and 80’s costumes are that of vibrancy and entertainment. Love them or hate them, stags dressed up in neon tutus and hens plastered in red lipstick and leg warmers are always an entertaining sight, and if you can’t at least smile at the memories of such a ‘cool’ and ‘swanky’ decade, well then just blame it on the boogie.