How would you know that your kid requires a new pair of shoes? There are many ways by which you can know whether you need to purchase the latest footwear for your kid or not. Some of these simple rules to be followed are checking the heel of your child’s feet when he or she wears the shoes. If his or her heel rubs against the back of the shoe, it indicates that the shoes are too small to wear. It indicates that it’s time to go to a footwear store for purchasing shoes for your little one. Also, try to find out whether the toe is rubbing against the end of the shoes. If it happens, it indicates that your child require a new pair of shoes. Look at the bottom of the shoes to find if there are any holes in the sole or the sole is peeling off. All these conditions give you an indication that you need to purchase a new pair of shoes for your child.

Tips for purchasing the footwear for your child: If you realize that your child now needs a bigger size of shoes, you must keep in mind some simple points to purchase the right kind of shoes for him or her. Just check out the present size that your kid was wearing to get one size bigger than this, if you’re shopping alone. However, it would be beneficial if you can take your kid with you to the footwear store. Ask him or her to try the different sizes and purchase the one that fits snugly onto his or her feet. Check the width and length of the shoes so as to get the right size for your child. Ensure that your child is wearing socks when you take him or her to a footwear store. If you wish, you can go to kids’ footwear stores, as the sales people there would help you find the best fitting shoes for your child.