Browse the Different Fur Types

The type of fur you get determines the sheen, color, shape, even the longevity of the material, since some furs degrade faster than others. In short, your choice of fur will affects your appearance while wearing the coat, more than any other factor. There are a ton of different varieties to ensure you get exactly what you want. The types range from opossum, coyote, and raccoon for a darker, masculine look, to beaver, mink and fox to give the coat a rich luxurious quality in softer red and brown hues. If you are looking for maximum softness, chinchilla and sable are your best bets.

Know How to Spot Quality

When perusing the fur racks, know how to ascertain the quality of a coat. A good rule of thumb is that the less individual fur pieces were used to in the construction of the coat, the higher the quality. Less seams equal higher strength and durability, and ensures proper fit, since you know the coat was not made from leftover material and scraps. Small pieces can also indicate the skinning process was not performed properly. Turn the coat inside and out and examine the pelt for seams. Ask the furrier to educate you on how the pelt is chemically processed.

Where and How Will You Wear Your Fur?

Perhaps the most important question you should ask when deciding on a fur coat, is when and where do you plan to wear it most often. Depending on the type of pelt you use, a fur can be an incredibly versatile garment. Will you wear your coat primarily outdoors for work or hiking excursions on the weekends? You might benefit from a classic and rugged shearling. Will you be wearing your coat primarily to the clubs? Then you want something bold that will turn heads whenever you walk through a door.