Styling options for tall and thin

One should always keep in mind the basic element of styling options for tall and thin men that the clothes should add mass and subtract height. This means that concerned men should look for lots of horizontal elements in layered clothing, dress shirts, jacket pockets, trouser cuffs, vests and broad belts. In casual dressing, they can opt for asymmetrical patterns or graphics that would grab eye at mid body height. For formal and business dress outfits, they can incorporate broad check patterns in suits. While wearing tall men’s dress shirts for office ware, they should keep the stripes wider, with spread collars.

Dress Shirts and Ties for tall and thin

Remember that dressing sharp makes the man look perfect. Always opt for clothing items that really fits on the body and give you a superior look. Dress shirts are the main thing that makes a difference in man’s personality. Wearing a loose fitted shirt with slim stripes gives a tall man more taller look. Remember the rule to add mass and subtract height.

  • Collar. Starting from the collar of custom mens dress shirts, most of the tall and thin men have long and slim face. Wearing narrow point, button down, tab collar or any narrow shaped collar will make the face look further elongated that will add the height rather than subtracting. For slim faces, always opt for wide spread, cut away, varsity spread and medium spread collar that will make face looks fuller and wider. The collar of dress shirt always plays an important part in the look of man as collar lies right beneath the face and most of the eyes are attracted towards it. A rightly styled collar gives the man the desired look and personality.
  • Fitting. The dress shirts should be long enough to stay tucked in the pants while its sides do not creep out of the waistband as the wearer moves. Besides, the fitting of a dress shirt should also be accurate and it should not make balloons around the waistband. Only mens custom dress shirts makers can provide a perfect shirt that fits on the body of tall and thin men. These makers stitch the dress shirts from scratch and thus provide custom dress shirts for any type of body size and shape.
  • Tie. To gain the perfect look, you have to keep a keen eye on every single detail and use it wisely. Tie should always hangs all the way to your belt buckle, any thing shorter will make weird looking gap. If you are skinny, then using a broader tie with full Windsor knot will add more strength and definition to neck and chin area. Using patterns with horizontal elements like slanted diagonals, wide diamonds and wide stripes will further add the mass on you that would automatically subtracts height.

Pants for tall

While looking for a dress pant, there are some important attributes that will help you get the desired results. Always look for the space between thighs, waistband and crotch seam. The fitting of all three attributes should be perfect with enough space to move around, the space should be average. If the fabric is heavy enough and will not swish around then losing the lower leg area will add thickness to lower body. Also, avoid pleats if you are a skinny man, as it will do you no good. Using trouser cuffs is also a good idea. Try to keep trouser cuffs wider as it will make the trousers look proportional to your height. Use of wider belts and buckles for tall and skinny men also help a lot.