Men’s choices

Men would love the casual styles of Padders which allow the wearers to be comfortable and themselves for some informal occasion such as strolls, gardening, workouts, shopping or holidaying.

Padders offer men the casual galaxy model in black croc leather which is stylish and trendy. There is also the casual Padders sprite black or brown leather walking shoes that are comfortable and simple. Padders also have comfortable navy leather shoes which can keep the feet comfortable and dry over prolonged usage. The shoe laces add a manly touch to the total look with the durable leather material that protects the feet.

Ladies’ choices

Padders offer ladies a wide selection of footwear choices to fit any occasion. The Padders wedge shoes come in suede material of various designs and colors so any lady would want to keep at least a pair in their wardrobe. A little wedge gives the lady a little height to stand taller and elegant. This pair of Padders can be worn with jeans and tucked in shirt or blouse to look casual smart.

Padders casual sprite shoes for the ladies come in the favorite colors of cherry red, mushroom leather and silky black. The strap makes a great fashion statement addition on this Padders model. It has a super wide fitting bar with a removable sole for additional room.

Children’s choices

Padders shoes for children come in stylish designs with comfort in mind for the youngsters. There are wide straps to keep the little feet securely in as well as allow the young wearers to put on the shoes easily. The wide straps encourage the young wearer to handle the strapping and un-strapping personally.