Slender & Lean

Add some curves! You can afford to do “sexy”. Try a dress that has a bustier or a corset with just a little hint of lace. Also, if you feel comfortable, opt for dresses with deeper necklines. Toy with different fabric textures and sheens. Do a lustrous fabric with a lot of shine to help glam your look. Pockets at the hip will also help to accentuate your curves and add shape to your bottom. Peplum dresses will also have the same effect as pockets. Lastly, try belting your dress. Belting will cinch or “carve” out your waist and add those feminine curves you crave!

Tall, Long-Waisted

Opt for a sleek silhouette. Too much fabric can look bulky and sloppy. Break up your waist with colors. Pick something that will flare out from your natural waist. Accentuate your legs, but shy away from minis. Too much leg can make it seem like you’re wearing something that has shrunk. The added effect is that you will look larger than you actually are. Try a dress with curved prints. The curved prints will help to add curves to your bod. Also, opt for “wide” details. This includes square necklines and tasteful crosswise stripes.


Say “hello” to minis! Opt for shorter skirts and sheer hose. This will help to elongate your legs. Try just a tad of puffery detailing below the waist. This includes pleating, flounces, ruffling, and bubble hems. Keep your heels at a moderate level. Chunky, platform heels can seem like stilts for a woman with a delicate, petite frame. Also, show a bit of skin on your neck and shoulders.


Show a little skin on your neck and chest. This will point the focus to your gorgeous face! Choose deeper and darker jewel tones to take inches off your body. Stick to simple silhouettes. Ruffles and other detailing can add unwanted bulk (and inches) to your figure. If you’d like to layer, stick to a lighter fabric like a jersey knit in a shrug or shawl. Coats and jackets can add bulk and can get a little uncomfortable after a few glasses of wine!

Curvaceous Hour Glass

Show off your shoulders! Try something that’s strapless or one-shouldered. Do a silhouette that is straight with minimal detailing. Make sure your chest is well supported. Nothing is more unattractive than unsightly drooping. Lengthen your lower body with a longer dress. Lastly, go for a silhouette that cinches at the waist to help accentuate your awesome hourglass frame!

Pear Shaped

Acquaint yourself with a gorgeous A-line dress. The fluidity of the cut will drape nicely on your hips. Opt for attention grabbing necklines like a gathered or ruffled top. Pleated surplice tops or wrap dresses also will do the trick. Hems should be above the knee to give the illusion of length to your figure.