The shirt is where you can begin
If you happened to check your closet to look for dresses that have the seafoam shade but failed to chance upon one, then what better way to start sporting the color by purchasing a seafoam-colored shirt. If you don’t feel like wearing a shirt, try to go for wool sweater or a blouse made of silk, as long as they bear the color. Or, you can also opt for silk pants that have hints of seafoam which you can pair with your favorite shirt or blouse.

Dress to impress
But if you want to take your fashion to the next level then it is time to go for a dress clad in a seafoam pastel color. Try a polyester spaghetti dress that has pleats for added texture or you can also go for something like sleeveless cotton jumpsuit. You don’t normally see a lot of women wearing this pastel color so expect to be the talk of the town once you take this color especially during events in the evening. And be sure to slip into a pair of leather sandals that has seafoam hues as well.

Accessorize, accessorize, accessorize!
We cannot overemphasize the importance of wearing the right accessories that will work together and compliment your seafoam-colored dresses and outfits. First off, let us find out the colors that work well with the shade. Seafoam is perfectly accentuated by accessories that have the colors ocean blue, sandy brown and mint. And as far as the actual accessories themselves, be sure to some shades that have cherry hues along with a brown satchel bag for carrying your valuables. The brown color will bring some warmth that will contrast and balance the cooling effect of your outfit. And as for your feet, a good pick would be something like a pair of sandals that have metallic straps to keep things shining and shimmering which also works well with the seafoam tone.