Then you may ask what the latest trends of evening attires are. Some of the girls think that A-line dresses must be trendy; they are often seen in evening parties. But I would like to mind you that A-line dresses are no longer trendy for they have been done to death. It is high time that we should embrace more delicate evening gowns. Here I would like to introduce to you the body con dresses. This is a kind of form fitting dress which ends at mid thigh. You may have noticed that most of the body con dresses are strapless attires. If you are a stout girl, you’d better stay away from such dresses or you will look awkward.

Not everyone has the admirable figure. Then how should these girls pick their evening attires? Don’t worry; the Grecian drape gowns will be perfect for them since this dress style is suitable for most of the body shapes. The Grecian drape gown is very stylish, you can see them worn by celebs and Hollywood stars at red carpet events. Although there are various designs of Grecian gowns, one of them remains trendy, that is the shouldered Grecian draped gown. Then it comes to the problem of the dress fabric. The choice of fabric can be anything from satin to chiffon. The only criteria is that the fabric must be body fitting.

If you love the vintage attires, you may choose the flapper gown. The flapper gown has made a comeback recently and it looks great with various embellishments – sequins, beading and pleats. Vintage styles like the flapper dresses are sleeveless and their hemline falls well above the knees. A flapper dress in chiffon is one evening dress style that every girl who loves fashion should have. Another dress style which can stand the test of time is the little black dress. No women can ignore such kind of dresses. There are many designs of this dress and you have to choose one which can bring out your body shape perfectly.

To sum up, A-line dresses have been done to death, you need to try something new – body con dresses. And if the body con dress is not suitable for your body shape, you may try the Grecian drape dress. Except for the dress style, you have to keep an eye on the fabric. Body fitting fabrics are always favoured by most of the girls. If you love the vintage style dresses, you may opt for the flapper gowns. My last suggestion: shopping evening dresses on line will saves a lot of hassle and money.