To be precise, faux leather is fake leather or artificial leather. This is made up of artificial materials which are treated together to get a leather-type look. It is thus not made up of any animal skin. It is also referred to as pleather, leatherette, and naughyde. Now, you might be wondering that if it is artificial and not real then why people crave to wear it and why is it so much in vogue. Let me explain – following are some of the reasons why it is so popular despite the fact that it is not ‘real’:

  • It is cheap – real leather stuff could be very expensive, thus not affordable for everyone, who likes to look fashionable and stylish
  • It is very light – thus, suitable for scorching summer months
  • Cleaning faux leather is very simple. For this reason, faux-upholstery is highly popular and widely used in the world today
  • Known as Vegan leather, it is suitable for those who do not like to use animal material for ethical reasons.

Thus, wearing this ‘artificial’ material means you can save a great amount of money on their purchase; look trendy and stylish; and raise your voice against animal cruelty in your own stylish way.

These fashion items come in great many types and patterns. Thus, choosing one can either be very tricky or very simple. They are available in colors such as beige, brown, black, grey, white, and chocolate. The best thing about these colors is that they are unisex in nature. Thus, they are not bound to be used by a specific gender; both men and women can flaunt these beautiful stylish jackets.