The history of wellingtons is long and dates back to the 17th century. There are a lot of modification that has been done to both the design as well as the colors and materials used. The only standard color that has remained widely used is green owing to its popularity with many people.

Green wellingtons are a very popular name that is widely used by the many people who know about the boots. It is a preference for many people. Though color was not highly considered during the initial creation of wellington boots, the present day people are very specific about what they want and may therefore give their own tastes and preferences pertaining to the kind of boot they want.

In the present day, wellington boots are readily available in many shades, styles as well as patterns. These are designed so as to enable you the consumer to find an exact match of what you require. A kind of green Wellington boot is the Lowther boot. It can be referred to as a no fuss or basic boot. The design is specific for the field. It is good for gardening and even doing field work that is very manual. There are styles that are funkier. One type of a funky green wellington boot is Doggie Paw Print. The funky stoles are great as they are trendy and can be matched with an outfit.

The greatest chances are that you will be able to find a green wellington boot that can fit your particular need as well as be able to meet your criteria. There is such a wide variety of green wellington boots in stores today that one can be sure to find more than one Wellington boot that will interest you. There are also other designs with different imprints on them. Some even come with gussets that are expandable into which trousers can be tucked.