Street style has landed-and it’s here to stay, as people begin to find the hidden gems at the back of their wardrobes coming in more and more useful by the day.

So what is street style? Think sports meet fashion, and the two are then rudely interrupted by a barber with a broken razor blade.

There are a few key elements to getting this look right.

The first of these is footwear. Now, I said in the summary that I would reveal how to breathe new life into something that should really be in every gentleman’s wardrobe. So, with this in mind, my first recommendation is a pair of Converse. Old, battered, dirty Converse. Preferably you’ll have the ankle high version, in white.

Wear these with a pair of skinny jeans (colour at this point is irrelevant), and roll the leg 2-3 times to create a cuff that sits just above the famous Chuck Taylor logo.

It is important to note at this point, the importance of Converse. The high top all star style was originally designed to be worn for basketball players; this, therefore, covers the sporting influence you need to pull off the street style image.

As far as the skinny jeans tha you need to accompany your Converse go, look no further than a pair Nudie Jeans. Designed in Sweden and made in Italy, cuts such as ‘Thin Finn’, ‘Tape Ted’ and ‘Slim Jim’ will all give you the skinny style you need, whilst also giving you a cultured ‘man of the world’ image-definitely a street style requirement.

So, we move on to tops, jumpers and jackets. T-Shirts should always be baggy. Stay away from the recent trend of the past few years of having super fitted t-shirts that look like they’ve been sprayed on to your body. Street style is about staying loose and comfy-think of it as a more trend conscious skater boy.

However, make sure that you don’t take this to the extreme and start wearing things that are over sized. Make sure it fits on the shoulders, but get a style that gives you extra length in the body.

For jumpers, stick with zip through hoods and easy sweaters. If you go for something with a logo, make sure you’re wearing the right kind of brand. Stick to what they do best; nobody takes an Armani jacket to a skate park.

Jackets should be kept lightweight, bright and beautiful. Keep them simple and clean, and preferably wear one with a hood.

Finally, we get to the big one. The thing that right now, is making or breaking any street style image. The flat peak cap.

No longer the reserve of American sports teams, the flat peak is branching out, and no man should be without one. Whether it’s a snap back or easy fit, make sure that you have a flat peak cap on to complete your outfit. Try a classic New Era collaboration with a fashion brand if you don’t want a sport orientated design, or go for a Starter Cap.

So there you have it-street style made easy. You may be asking yourself though-what did the barber’s broken razor blade have to do with it?

The very last piece of the street style puzzle is the beard. From stubble to untamed gristle, the beard has to be your accessory of choice.

Now go forth, grow your beard, sport a flat peak, and show the world your new street style.