The rugged look of these boots seem to be an absolute hit with celebrities such as Anne Hathaway and Pink. Ranging in many different styles from older worn leather to a much more modern and clean looking boot, Frye harness boots are modeled closely after riding boots helping wearers to achieve a long thin, skinny boot look that can extend the look of legs and also add height.

The vintage look seems to be favored by Anne Hathaway, using the worn Frye harness boots in conjunction with a pair of skinny jeans and a simple t shirt. These vintage boots can really change an outfit and take it from simple to Hollywood in seconds.

Pink however likes a more modern look opting for a pair of black, softer Frye harness boots without the rugged, vintage worn look. These are great with jeans as well but can also be paired with a sun dress to give an edge spring or summer look.

The great thing about these boots is that they are extremely comfortable to wear. Many long time users of Frye harness boots have reported that not only do they look great, but they are designed to hug feet perfectly and give you some of the most comfortable boots you have ever owned. It is recommended that you try on Frye boots before purchasing them as they may have a slightly snugger fit than some other styles of boots that you may have worn in the past. The sturdy construction keeps wear and tear from phasing these boots as well so you don’t have to be afraid wearing them through any activity and in any weather. They can truly stand up to just about anything.

Fry harness boots feature a comfortable rubber sole that can stand up to lots of walking as well as protect your feet from the elements and give you a bit of a height boost. While the soles may not make you as tall as you would be in heels, they do work to taper the leg and also give you a bit of height. Wearing these boots will draw in a pair of pants and give you the look of having much longer legs.