By deciding to purchase a fur coat you are making a dramatic statement about yourself-you are both elegant and filled with fashion know-how. The next thing you need to consider is the type of mink you desire. Pelts obtained from female minks are usually lighter in weight and possess a silkier and softer look and feel. Male pelts on the other hand, are usually thicker and with more voluminous fur to add shape to your silhouette. Depending on where you live, you may want a male coat that is sturdier against the harsh winter season. Or, if you plan to use the coat more for outings and special events, a female coat may be a better bet. Both male and female pelts will garner attention, it is simply a matter of personal preference.

The next factor to consider in order to make a fashion statement with your coat is color(s). One of the wonderful things about mink pelts are the range of colors to choose from. Common choices are shades of deep to light brown, caramel with a subtle striped pattern and delicate cream colors. There are also various shades of natural mink pelt colors ranging from black shades to soft, light grays. If you want to really stand out in a crowd, go for a color that is rich and bold with a lush, silky finish. The last way to make an even stronger statement with your full-length mink coat is to look for those which have added accessories.

The most popular items are buttons, pockets and sashes, but nowadays there are many new ideas to choose from such as attached or detachable hoods, fitted waists, fur-lined pockets, wide or narrow collars and wide cuffs. Some coats can even fasten diagonally or come with angled shoulders, which add contrast to soft, silky pelts. The great thing about full length mink coats is that they will last you for years, and that they can be converted into other styles if you change your mind in the future. Whatever style you choose, be sure it is true to your design aesthetic, fits your body and makes you feel good.