As what the name implies, this type of hosiery covers the area from your toes and over the ball of your foot-the front half of your foot. They are usually made from ultra-absorbent materials, and they come in a variety of colors. Other terms for these foot essentials include the following: toe capper, clog socks, and toe toppers.

For one thing, they are worn when people want to achieve a sock-less look but they still want to have some socks on. This is especially true with women who want to wear heels and clogs, and with men who prefer to wear loafers and top-siders. Also, loafers and clogs can give you bruises without socks on; so wearing toe cappers will definitely prevent you from getting any foot abrasions.

But aside from fashion purposes, these toe toppers are also used for the continuous circulation of the blood within the lower extremities. Blocked circulation can cause some disorders and diseases, so to prevent any of these, keep your feet aerated and comfortable as possible.

When buying half socks, there are some things to consider when making your selection. First, take a look at the materials that these foot essentials are made from. Some of them are made from 100%, all-natural cotton, while some of them have other materials to provide elasticity. These eco-friendly toe cappers may be more expensive than ordinary toppers, but they don’t pose any health risks and allergic reactions. Next, take note of the design and the color. If you’re planning on wearing clogs, avoid buying clog socks that have a bright color. As much as possible, match them with the tone of your skin. Lastly, make sure that you buy a thin, yet super-absorbent pair of toe toppers. Some of these foot coverings are bulky, which can make it uncomfortable for your feet in shoes that aren’t flexible.