Piacenza was the town in which Giorgio was born and raised, along with a sister and brother. From early on life Armani wanted to develop a career in medicine and began studying at the university of Milan. Although after three years he transferred his skills by joining the army within the army.

After his time in the army Armani was offered a job as a window dresser at La Rinascente, this was a somewhat diverse change in the medical career Armani originally wanted to get involved in. As a window dresser Armani gained valuable knowledge and experience in the marketing aspect of the fashion industry.

This time drew to a close and Armani was offered a position Nini Cerruti for which he designed menswear. His skills were in great demand and he was offered several opportunities to freelance his work.

In 1973 Armani was persuaded to open up a design office in Milan which gave him the opportunity to collaborate with some of the most exclusive fashion houses throughout Italy and possibly indeed the entire globe. This gave Armani a strong foothold within the fashion industry

Armani established some great relationships within the industry which helped to provide a valuable source of business for the future. In 1979 Giorgio Armani founded the Giorgio Armani Corporation which produced goods for the United States introducing the Mani line to men and women. In the early 1980s Armani signed an important agreement with the perfume company L’Oreal to create perfumes and has branched out with various other sub labels which include Emporio Armani, AJ (Armani Jeans) AX (Armani Exchange), Armani Junior and Armani Casa. Giorgio Armani is planning to include a range of luxury hotels and resorts in several locations soon, the company already operates a number of cafes worldwide in addition to a nightclub and bar.