• Start Gradually
    This first tip is a good one. Don’t rush off and buy six-inch stilettos, thinking you can make an easy transition from flats. It’s suggested that you start off with a low-heel, about two inches or so, to ease your feet into the shape. This height is pretty comfortable and you can still look great. Eventually when you feel adjusted, you can move up to a mid-heel which is usually between two and four inches tall. From there, it’s only a matter of time until your working a fabulous six-inch heel!
  • Practice, Practice, Practice
    Wearing your heels around the house is a great way to practice your balance and improve your strides. I tried walking around the house, doing chores and relaxing in my heels for a few hours. At first I wobbled a bit and was only able to take really small steps. I definitely didn’t look as graceful as my gorgeous friend! I sat down and worked for a while and then got up and did some more chores. I gave myself as many breaks as I needed and kept wearing the shoes until I eventually didn’t mind walking in them at all.
  • Choose Wisely
    If you are going to commit to some form of discomfort in the name of beauty, you might as well choose the least painful option. You want to make sure that your weight is evenly distributed from your heel to the pad of your foot. If there is too much pressure on the pad, then your heel is, more than likely, too high. If you are struggling to balance on a narrow heel, opt for a stylish wedge.
  • Walk Properly
    So the key here is simple enough: Walk like you do normally, heel to toe. If this is difficult you may need a different shoe or more practice. As you begin on your heel, lean into the step, placing your pad down firmly. You’ll get the hang of it. Never put weight solely on your heels. This is very damaging for you and your heels.