Personalize the Jersey

Add your name to your jersey’s back so that you can personalize it. You can do this by applying high-quality vinyl letters by using a heat press. However, it is important to know that you need to be cautious in the process of jersey lettering as doing it with an ordinary iron can ruin your jersey. Therefore, prefer to personalize your jersey by taking help from a professional.

Add Number

Once you have named your jersey, the next step is to buy your favorite number from a well known vinyl lettering company. If you want to customize a number of college jerseys for your friends as well, then purchase vinyl numbers in higher quantities. These vinyl numbers should be four-inch long. You can apply these numbers on the jerseys with heat press.

Apply Patch on the Jersey

Choose the logo of your favorite football team and purchase a patch with that logo designed on it. Now, sew the patch on the shoulder of your jersey. You can also sew the patch on the front right of the jersey. When you will choose custom vinyl lettering for all your friends, logo will give them the look of real sportspeople.

Customize the Logo

Sports jersey looks incomplete without an embroidered logo. So, giving some of your time to the logo is also important. If you want your jersey to look unique, then go for embroidered logos while personalizing your jersey. You have different options to get embroidered logos for your jersey. For instance, you can either do it yourself or visit an embroidery shop where you can choose a lot of ways to letter your jersey.