Your skin tone will dictate which shade of white you choose. In general the darker you are, the darker shade of white will best suit you. For instance, pale skin shades can enjoy bright white, whereas dark skins will be suited by off whites or creams.

Beware thin white material, as it can become see-through! If you can hold your new dress up to the light and see your hand through it then you’re sailing into stormy waters, as people will be able to see everything!

If you have a model’s shape then any dress is going to be great, but if you have some lumps and bumps then little white dresses will not flatter them if they’re too tight. Instead choose flowing white dresses that are light-weight and breezy, then there’ll be no risk of your dress being unflattering.

It’s a total cliché when you see girls showing off dark underwear through their white clothes. Is it classy, or trashy? We think the latter, and is this an image you wish to portray when you’re out on the town? So white or nude underwear is a must!

If you’re ready to wear little white dresses now, you’ll also want to know what kind of accessories you can try.

You could wear brightly colored shoes, such as reds, oranges or blues; but this is strictly for those who wish to make a BIG statement!

Lighter colors, or metallic tones would be better. So start thinking about silvers, golds, grays, nudes, or browns.

Avoid black, which will clash too much, and white, which will take your outfit into Hallowe’en ghost territory.

Simple accessories are best with white which is already a bright and noticeable color. That’s why wooden, ethnic, and metallic accessories are going to be the best choices.