Quality Over Quantity

When you’re not as financially free as you used to be, it can be tempting to spend less money on single pieces of clothing. It’s true your money will go a longer way at cheap high street retailers but this often means sacrificing quality. Low quality clothing doesn’t wash well, and the seams come undone very easily. So instead of having to buy new pieces of clothing every couple of months, invest in a more expensive yet well-made garment that will last much longer. At the end of the day you’ll actually save yourself money.

Practical Vs Pretty

With fashion magazines and celebrities dictating today’s trends, it can be hard to remember that making practical choices is so much better in the long run than impulsive, trend-based ones.

For example, flimsy ballet pumps may look cute teamed with a dress but they won’t last long in a country prone to wet weather.

You need also consider your job, your hobbies and personal nature. Steer clear of white and pastels if you have a tendency to knock over cups of tea and glasses of wine! You get the drift.

Wash Less and Consider the Instructions

We’ve become accustomed to washing our clothing far too often. Contrary to what many people think, it’s perfectly acceptable to wear a shirt or dress more than once before washing, provided you haven’t stained it or perspired more than usual. Excessive washing wears out the fibres your garments are made of. It’s also very important to stick to the washing instructions as they are there for a reason. If a garment is meant to be hand washed, don’t be surprised if it gets worn out really quickly if you’ve been chucking it in the washing machine. And don’t even attempt washing items like men’s blazers, women’s ballgowns and coats at home. These are to be dry cleaned only.