There are several pillars at Michael Toschi and they are represented in the symbolism of their logo; silent strength, family values, the age of information and knowledge. Toschi shoes exemplify these pillars, marrying the classic strength of Italian shoemaking, with a family owned production process, and groundbreaking technological features that are unrivaled in the industry. The result is what owner Michael Toschi calls ‘performance luxury’. It’s luxurious footwear that gets the job done day in and day out for whatever function you need your footwear to serve.

The hallmark of the Michael Toschi collection are two proprietary technological features; Carbonlite Ionet Suspension (CIS) and the Natural Ergonomic Standing Platform (NEST) system. The CIS suspension system showcases an insole that provides a very secure and stable platform, while the outsole has four featured response zones that respond to your natural walking movement. The NEST comfort system provides increased stability and comfort for long wear. Every Toschi shoe features one of these two specially designed systems. So you know when you wear a Toschi you are taking care of your feet, your back, your legs, your life.

Another undeniable component of the Michael Toschi brand is the forward thinking designs of its creator. With shoes and boots that feature carbon fiber integrated into the leather and stunning contrast color soles and stitching, there is a futuristic component to the line while it retains the classical essence of a fine Italian shoe design. The collection includes everything a man could need, from sneakers to dress shoes, boots to slippers, and a very popular line of golf shoes.

At the end of the day you should be able to look into your closet and know that you’re doing the best for your refined style, and for your feet, and with Michael Toschi shoes there is no doubt you will be doing just that. Women’s closets are like their toy box, a man’s is like his toolbox. Fill yours wisely.