In the summer, the sun beats down on your scalp and hair and can cause damage such as sunburn to your scalp or dry and brittle hair. Using an umbrella is a great way to keep your scalp from burning, or your hair from sun damage, but it can be unweildly. That is why many women will wear a cap or head scarf in the summer to protect their hair and scalp from the sun.

You may be thinking, “A hat in the summer? Won’t that make me hotter?”

In fact, wearing a hat or other head cover will actually make you cooler. It will stop the burning rays of the summer sun from heating up your head.

Now, obviously, a black angora wool hat is not the ideal head cover for the summer weather. A lightweight cap made of cotton or a thin headscarf with lurex are much better options. Light colored head coverings, such as a white Israeli tichel, tan pre-tied bandana or pastel colored kufi hat are much better that dark black, navy or brown head coverings as darker colors absorb heat. In addition, natural fibers such as straw, linen, or cotton will allow your scalp to breathe, and not sweat. In addition, if you are going to be in a sunny spot, a hat with a brim or visor will have the added benefit of protecting your face as well.

If a hat or scarf are not your style, you can also use a wide headwrap or wide headband to cover a good portion of your scalp.

Another way to stay cooler on top this summer is to keep the hair off your neck. There are so may stylish ways to put your hair up in a bun or pony. Keeping the hair off your neck will definitely keep you feeling much, much cooler this summer.