Anybody can wear trendy clothes, walk on the red carpet and dazzle everybody with their fashion style – however, not everyone who dons stylish clothes will actually be remembered. This is because stylish looks are a dime a dozen, but what will set stylish women apart from the others is their attitude. Inner beauty and confidence is the key to being really beautiful and without it, you’re just another body who wears the clothes.

With all the well-known style icons, from Millicent Rogers to Jackie Onassis to Hollywood A-listers Jennifer Aniston and Gwyneth Paltrow – these women share the same style principles that is a must for women everywhere to remember, if they are to be remembered for their own styles as well. The first and perhaps the best among these is the fact that less is more. One of the things you’ll notice is that stylish women are never overdone or overdressed. Restraint is the name of the game as far as coming up with a great outfit is concerned.

What starts out as a great outfit in your head can use some tweaks here and there when you actually wear it. Losing an extra bracelet or opting for a less sparkly ensemble makes a world of difference when it comes to going for a sleek look. Practicing self-editing actually draws more attention to you, not the gown, the bag or the shoes. Simplicity is often more striking.

Another stylish principle to live by is to remember that putting in extra effort can equal total elegance. Hollywood celebrities always make it a point not to miss beauty appointments because flawless skin and an overall clean look add to your stylishness. Nothing beats good grooming and regular self-maintenance because it’s these little things that pull your look together. Well-manicured hands and neatly-plucked eyebrows paired with a simple dress are better than the most expensive gown and perfect makeup with chipped or broken nails.

Style is either something learned or something that comes naturally. However it is for you, you need to be able to understand what looks suit and flatter you, no matter what trends are currently raging in the fashion scene. Thus, it is important to come up with a signature look, one that will instantly make you recognizable and memorable because after all, truly stylish people are their own stylists since they know themselves better, right? Trends fade fast so it is wise to come up with your own trend, rather than follow one.

When shopping for clothes, don’t put much importance on your size, but rather on the fit because it is everything in fashion. Too often, women make the mistake of grabbing something too big or too small, thinking of either hiding their shape or flaunting it. Style is about how the clothes fit on your body, how they enhance your silhouette and shape and not about your size. Accepting yourself as you are no matter what size or shape you may be is what contributes positively to a great sense of style.