Shoe wardrobe reflects the stylishness, modishness or prudishness of men. Formal shoes and casual shoes range in a wardrobe varies from boots, moccasins, loafers, derbies, slip-ons, slippers and sandals to lace-ups. Rugged adventure boots and trendy sports footwear has become a staple feature on the feet of today’s generation. A person who likes restraint or one who is afraid of trying new looks, will mostly buy classic styles, soles and finishes in evergreen blacks and tans.

Fashion conscious men, and those who love to be stylish, will choose casual shoes in colors that add a touch of exuberance to their bearing. Sports footwear for them creates the right look. Their formal shoes with a touch of modernity add the right glamor. For their wardrobes, they will opt for contemporary styled, rubber sole moccasin from Loochi, weave inspired textured suede boot from Hitz, peppy styled red sneakers from Adidas, tootsie style shoe from Cuddle in blue, Fermani’s low-cut brown shoe with metallic studs, and outdoor Khaki ankle boots from Woodland.

Shoes for men add the touch of metro-sexuality, classy handsomeness and youthful vigor. It is for the person to decide the shoes he wants to stock and the look he wants to create. Retro and classic formal shoes’ silhouettes look as attractive on men as do contemporary and au courant casual shoes. And, if you think that only the younger generation experiments with their shoe looks, think again. Fashion and style are all about a person’s personality, which has nothing to do with age.

All men, whether they follow latest trends, or those who are comfortable with timeless designs should try online shopping. The range of footwear that is available online includes yesteryear’s era moccasins, retro styled boots, loafers in leather from the 80s, canvases that marked the rise of teenagers to exciting new styles and finishes that rule the ramps and streets. Online shopping allows men to admire brands and fashion that may not have reached India as yet. They can buy pricey sports footwear, budgeted casual shoes or high-fashion formal shoes on sale all from the realm of homes, and make their shoe wardrobes worth peeping into.