The first product that we are going to review is that of Airr Arch. They are ¾ length insoles which go well with common dress shoes. They are designed for cushioning your feet in high impact activities. They are a little different form the common Arch insoles in two different ways. This new insole is designed for people with high arch in their foot, whereas earlier arch insoles where designed for those with normal arches. The new airr arch is decreased in size to accommodate more space for allowing a comfortable fitting into the sports, dress, and casual footwear. It provides air cushioning for all parts of the feet and is designed to the shape of the foot.

The second model is the Airr. They are made especially for people with highly arched foot. This product is designed for providing the best cushioning effect for your soles. It has got some cool features like air chamber technology along with a coolmax fabric cover for giving you the perfect insole experience. This maximizes the shock absorption property and the shoes will give exceptional comfort for running and walking. Due to the high arched soles, it can be perfectly fitted into most of the sports shoes. This product is recommended for those who take a walk regularly.

The third product for review is the air orthotic. This is the most technologically advanced insoles form Sof sole. They provide the much needed comfort and stability to athletes like skiers and slope walkers. It contains an air chamber at the heel that will fill with air to absorb the shocks from each stride. To absorb the shocks from the forefoot, there is a polymer gel. Then there is an extra layer of shock absorbing foam for cushioning the foot. There is a reinforced steel plate for stopping the foot from over-pronation.