A big point in favour of long knitted cardigans is the fact that they are long. They don’t stop above your waistband and leave a vulnerable chunk of midriff exposed to the winter chills. They don’t even stop just below your waistband and expose your delicate flesh to the winter winds, each time you stretch up for something. No, these wonderful garments continue on down, they drop gracefully below your bottom and come to rest somewhere around the mid to upper thigh area. The benefits of this are two-fold, the first being that you are kept warm all the way down to somewhere around your thighs and the second being the wonderfully slimming effect that this longer length brings about. The sheer figure flattering beauty of these longer length knitwear items is enough to bring joy to your heart and birdsong to you ears (and all without a bird watcher’s fleece in sight).

Women love choice and this is where long line cardigans win hands down again. If you go to an outdoor shop to buy a fleece (and they do have their very important place in our wardrobe, we won’t deny that) it will be a simple matter of deciding between the blue or the black in most cases. Not so with the winter wonders of our discussion! Ladies, forget the birdsong, your very own hearts will sing as you begin to realise just how many styles, colours and patterns are available to you. You will find everything from high collars to roll neck collars, round collars to v-shaped necklines. You will find a cardigan with pockets to a belted one, vintage cardigans too and as for patterns, well, anything from stripes to blocks and just about everything in between! Suddenly looking stylish and keeping warm in the winter is not a problem any longer and you can start to fill your wardrobe with beautifully coloured pieces to match every outfit.

Worn over a fine roll neck jumper, you may even find that your longer length cardigan replaces the need for a jacket at times. Of course, they do come in various thicknesses so it is up to you to choose the right type to suit your requirements.

Long line cardigans can add a glorious splash of colour to our winter wardrobes as well as bring us that much needed warmth, all stylishly wrapped up in a highly desirable piece of clothing.