The shorts in his range eliminate the perennial problem men in all walks of life have every summer and on every holiday in the sun. This is: what shorts can they wear that make them look stylish and avoid the Boy Scout hiker look? They reflect form and function in an effortless way that combines utility, elegance and utmost simplicity in a design of character. In fact very little has changed over the eighty odd years since the clothing range was born.

The Lacoste company was formed in partnership between Rene and Andre Gillier, who was then the owner and president of the largest French knitwear manufacturer in the country. It was shirts, rather than shorts that were the first items to be manufactured. These were more in the form of a type of tennis shirt that was revolutionary as it was inspired by Lacoste’s meteoric sporting career. The shirt became an overwhelming success. Naturally, the label then expanded to embrace other forms of clothing, applying the same principles of design and elegance, all in combination with embracing the function of the shirt rather than just a piece of cloth that looked good.

It was never going to stop there and Lacoste went on to design a range of shirts for other sports such as sailing and golf. By taking away the unnecessary embellishments, wealthy sportsmen around the world began to see the label as a status symbol. The clothing was an instant hit with such people who would also lead a lifestyle with more leisure and thus were in need of these items.