They became famous and widely known through aerobics exercise videos that were televised in the eighties. Whether they were pristine white or layered colors in bright or pastel tones, the message was clear, slouch socks are here to stay. These types of socks may not be easy to find today, but they are still available. Most of them are sold in packs of twelve and they are well worth the purchase price.

What makes them so comfortable? This has been a debatable question through the years. Everything from the weave to the count of the cotton can be a factor. This type of footwear is made of eighty percent cotton and twenty percent polyester. This gives them the perfect fit. You can find them in sizes 5-10 and 9-11. Part of what makes the sock slouch is the super heavy grade of cotton and the amount of sock that is woven at the top of the sock. Some are so high you could pull them up to your knees. They are perfect for pressing down to create a fold which is where their name is derived from.

This product is long enough, but you can find even longer ones when you search for extra-long and extra heavy varieties of the product. This type is even heavier and thicker. Such thick socks are very comfortable and give your foot that extra padded feeling which puts a spring in your step. You won’t be poking a hole through these socks any time soon. They are highly durable as well. The seam across the toe is minimal which means your toes will be even more comfortable.

This great footwear product is for more than just fashion. They are the perfect sock to wear if your feet are cold. The thick cotton encases your foot and keeps it warmer than a normal sock. They are perfect to wear with boots. Not only do they keep you warm, but they also protect your foot and cushion it from the normal wear and tear you feel on your feet when you’re wearing boots. You have less of a chance of getting blisters and feel great wearing your boots whenever you want.