These things the new big thing at the beach. Last month I was down at the beach with a friend of mine (a bro of course), and he bought one to wear. He got tons of compliments on how good it looked, and I have to admit, I was a little jealous. Girls would even stop him on the beach and ask him where he got it.

But he soon found out that not every situation is appropriate for a tuxedo lax pinnie when we went to eat at our favorite sea food restaurant (they wouldn’t seat us when they saw how he was dressed).

If you’re following my friend’s advice, all the time. Realistically though, I would say wear them in any informal situation where it is alright to show off those guns of yours. Places like the beach, the gym, chill seshes with your friends, and parties are perfect examples. No one at those places will get mad if you aren’t dressed super classy.

So we know what some good places to wear a tuxedo lacrosse pinnie are. Now let’s talk about places you should not wear one.

Any situation where legitimate formal wear is required is not a good time to be wearing one of these things. Do yourself a favor, and throw on a classy suit and tie, or perhaps a button-down.