One may think that embroidery is a new form of handicraft. But, the truth is it has been inherited from ancient Egypt. Unlike other art forms which have changed greatly, embroidery remains the same even after centuries. The type of materials used for this art form is still the same and it is truly astonishing. Embroidery has always remained one of the best handicrafts but its popularity grew to astounding levels during Industrial Revolution. During the initial phases of Industrial Revolution, machines were invented to mimic hand embroidery. The quality of the work remained same but the quantity really improved. Also, with the help of machines professionals could experiment with better versions of embroidery.

Year after year, the popularity and quality of embroidery improved and various forms of embroidery were discovered. For a layman, the classification of the art form might not be important. But, if you really want to learn embroidery then knowledge of this piece of information is essential. Free embroidery is a type in which designs are weaved randomly without complying with the weave of fabric. These types of designs are highly popular in Chinese and Japanese cultures. Counted-thread embroidery is another type of design where the pattern is pre-decided. To weave this design beautifully, you must take help of embroidery hoops. These hoops are easily available at yarn shop and you can buy hoops available in different shapes. These hoops keep the fabric in place tightly and ensure that the design comes up flawlessly.

Canvas work is little complex and can be attempted after having hands on experience with easier embroidery designs. Under this design, a dense pattern is weaved that almost covers the underlying fabric. In cutwork, the fabric is cut to create holes throughout the surface of fabric. Later, patterns are weaved using needles and yarn of good quality.